Village Seafood Buffet To Close, Will Combine with Carnival

Village Seafood Buffet

UPDATE: Originally this article stated that Village Inn Seafood has already closed, we have since updated with more accurate information. The original rep we spoke with kinda goofed (which caused us to goof), thanks to the other rep at RIO for setting us straight. The Village Buffet is indeed still open, for now, it will shutter it’s current location and combine with Carnival World Buffet in November.

Rio’s Village Seafood Buffet will close and become part of Carnival Buffet. Our tipster paperposter took some shots last week showing the Carnival World Buffet’s VIP Entrance readying for the new arrival. Carnival is still open as well. We are speculating that Carnival’s old VIP entrance will be the new Village Inn entrance, this has not been confirmed.

Village Seafood Buffet

A call to the property confirmed the future closure, and they assured us that the Village Seafood Buffet will be part of the Carnival World Buffet in a shared space. We’re not sure if the amazing seafood buffet would be included in the standard Carnival price or considered an upgrade for a higher price, (or a completely different entity at this point). There is no word yet on what will fill the old seafood location at The Rio, but I’m sure they’ve got something in mind. The rep we spoke with said the seafood will be available at Carnival starting possibly November 8th or 15th, but definitely in November. We’re still wrapping our brains around a valid reason why they would just close it and merge it after it’s been voted 2015 Best Las Vegas Locals Buffet by Casino Player magazine. *shrugs* Perhaps it’s to draw more attention to the upscale Buzio’s Seafood Restaurant?

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  1. Yikes – I hope there will not be a price increase for Carnival World Buffet. It is still one of my favorites.

  2. That pic is not from the seafood buffet. It is from the former VIP entrance to the carnival world buffet. The seafood buffet does not close until November 8th.

  3. LINDA ROSENTHAL | October 26, 2015 at 5:02 pm |


    • As their website is still advertising the Thanksgiving Menu, I would bet that they will indeed be ready for it even if in the new space. Also, go easy on the caps-lock, it gives us a headache :)

  4. jackie franklin | October 29, 2015 at 10:36 am |

    how is this buffet? hubs and I don’t eat much if at all any seafood. but looks like folks seem to like carnival world

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