First, we’d like to thank you for your interest in writing with us here at Vegas Bright! We are a community of Las Vegas lovers and enthusiasts who write about all things Vegas on a volunteer basis. If your dream job is to be a Vegas blogger, we can’t make this your “job”, but we’d be happy to help launch your dream. As it is a volunteer gig, we do not have any harsh demands on your time (like a job might.)

There are three ways to write with us…

  • Author: Two consistent articles (or more) a month gives you Author status in our masthead (Team page) and an “about the author box” at the bottom of your articles.
  • Contributing Author: One article a month gives you Contributing Author status in our masthead (Team page) and an “about the author box” at the bottom of your articles.
  • Guest articles: Want to share something, but have few trips? Want to write once in a while? We’d be happy for a guest article from time to time and will credit the article to your name or pseudonym.

That being said, here are our simple guidelines, put as bluntly as possible.

  1. Any function you perform here is voluntary. We are all volunteers here, from the top of the totem pole to the bottom.
  2. As it is a volunteer gig, we do not have any harsh demands on your time (like a job might.)
  3. Ideally, we’d LOVE an article a week, but we’d appreciate the minimum of at least two articles a month (consistently) for Author status in our masthead.
  4. Opinion is good, but stay away from the heavy stuff (religion, politics, bashing of gender, race, sexual orientation, creed and etc.) Those topics tend to start the most wars on the internet and around the world. We want to keep things light and fun here at Vegas Bright as it is about VEGAS, after all, =)
  5. Ad monetization, help cover the hosting, software licenses, domains and other website maintenance costs. Prices are steep.
  6. For the love of humanity, please do not take vertical pictures/video. Roughly 85% of our readers use computers/laptops, they have landscape screens (left to right), not portrait (vertical). As of August 1st, 2016 any article submitted with only vertical pictures will not be published. It’s ok if there’s a few included if necessary, (like the Golden Gate sign, or a tall object/structure like a drink or building), but a meal is not something that should be in a vertical picture. Or a hotel room, or a pool. Mostly anything. Seriously. Eyes are next to each other, not on top of each other.
  7. Remember that this is about sharing your experiences with other people who love Las Vegas as much as you do, so be honest.

After you have been an Author or Contributing Author in good standing (consistent months) we will keep you in mind if we get the rare media invite to a show or venue opening. Again, this happens rarely. We’re not Robin Leach, we don’t get showered with invites. Most of us pay our own way and then write about it. But, if you’re in town when something is happening, and if we know ahead of time, we’ll let you know. So a good rule of thumb is to shoot us an email letting us know what dates you’ll be in Vegas so that if something comes our way we can reach out to you–again– if you have been with us, consistently as an Author or Contributing Author. Your first email to us should not be “hey I’m going to Vegas, got anything for me?” It sucks that we have to say that, but we get a lot of emails like that.

If all of this sounds good to you, please contact us and let us know you’d like to be an author, contributing author, or guest author here at Vegas Bright, we’d love to have you with us :)