Wynn Golf Course Experience

18th Holefamous waterfall on the 18th hole

Guest Writer Chris W. crosses an item off his bucket-list and shares his Wynn Golf Course experience 3-days before the course permanently closed. 

Sometimes you have to mark something off of your bucket list before you know it is going to die before you do. Such is the case with the Wynn Golf Course. After 12 years in business, the Wynn Golf Course closed for good on Saturday, December 16th. As Rueben from Ocean’s 11 said – “Now he’s (Steve Wynn) gonna blow it up next week to make way for some gaudy monstrosity”. Anyway, as luck would have it, I was in town for a meeting that week and decided if I was ever going to play the course, it had to be now.

I played the course on Wednesday, December 13th. If ever there was a perfect day for golf, this was it. 67 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. You get a few practice strokes on a small practice hole, some putting on a putting green and a few drives on a net backstop driving range. Then, it is off to the most perfect golf course I have ever played. Even with four days left in its life, the course was immaculate. Not a blade of grass was uncut, a flower left to die or a sand trap not perfectly raked. It’s like the course was brand new and trying to impress guests as opposed to being shut down in a few days. The course is pretty challenging but not impossible to play. I am a mediocre golfer at best and I could move the ball around pretty well. What I liked best was that you completely forgot that you were in the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. The trees and layout of the course take you to another world all while in the backyard of the Strip. Sure you can still see some of the hotel towers, but you still feel totally removed from the crowd. It was money and time well enjoyed and I wish I would have played this course years ago.

At the Wynn, you are required to use a caddie. Our caddie was Charlie and he was perfect. He had been with the Wynn course since the day it opened in 2005. He knows the course inside and out, the history of the city and just makes your round of golf more enjoyable. When we asked him what he was going to do come Monday morning, he got a little choked up and said: “you know, I really don’t know yet.”  He told us that there are over 100 people (caddies, grounds crew and professional staff) employed by the course. Some of them will be able to be moved to other jobs at the Wynn/Encore but where does a professional caddie go? It is sad that with every change we read about in Vegas, people’s lives will be changed too. Sometimes for the worse.
Country Club

The Millionaire Truffle Filet steak sandwich

After the round, we had lunch at the Country Club. The Millionaire Truffle Filet steak sandwich was to die for. Every bite was better than the last and the parmesan fries were excellent. The service at the Country Club was just as good as at the Golf Course. I’m not sure if this restaurant is closing as part of the golf course, but if it doesn’t go here and enjoy a meal. It is worth it.
I do hope that the new Paradise Park is a success but it is very sad that such a beautiful and serene piece of land is being chopped up for bumper cars and merry-go-rounds. Charlie did tell us that the famous waterfall on the 18th hole is going to stay and be incorporated into part of Paradise Park. Money talks in Vegas and Paradise Park will out earn the golf course by millions every year. I am glad I got to play the course before it closed and I wish Charlie and all of the Caddies and staff that are losing their jobs all the best.
[Photo Cred. Chris W.]

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  1. The Country Club is also closing mid-January sorry to say.

  2. I’m really excited for what the future brings to the space. The new project will be one of the next game changers for our historic city!

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