The Return of The New Official-Unofficial Vegas Bright Podcast

Las Vegas Junkie PodcastLas Vegas Junkie Podcast

Chief Editor LasVegasJunkie picks up the mantle and returns with the Las Vegas Junkie Podcast… the official-unofficial Vegas Bright Podcast.  

Well, I’m sure you are probably wondering why I decided to launch my own podcast when there is already approximately 5,000 Las Vegas podcast that already exists. Not that there is anything wrong with those podcasts, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few of them and am lucky to call them friends. It’s all one big, happy, and supportive community of Las Vegas lovers like you and I.

As you may know, my friend and Vegas Bright founder Michal Movestro decided to retire the official Vegas Bright Podcast and move onto the Vegas Untz Podcast. After sitting back and giving it some thought I decided to launch a podcast that’ll merge two groups together, the Las Vegas Junkies Facebook group and Vegas Bright. And so the Las Vegas Junkie Podcast was created.

The first episode is available for download on Itunes now if you search “Las Vegas Junkie”. I don’t think listeners will be able to subscribe until later next week, once the podcast has been officially approved by Itunes. I will make an official announcement on Twitter at LasVegasJunkie & VegasBrightSite once it has been approved and you are able to subscribe. FYI audio and mic quality have been improved for episode 2. which should be at least 3% better, no guarantees.

And now, without further ado, Episode 1. of the Las Vegas Junkie Podcast.

I can be reached at and I tweet [a lot] at I also share photos and post stuff at facebook-LasVegasJunkies.

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A lifelong Las Vegas Fan and only a short 3-hour drive away; LasVegasJunkie is a regular visitor to the Las Vegas area. When in Las Vegas, you can find him in downtown playing slots, a lot of blackjack, trying out as many new restaurants as possible and never in a club. Follow LasVegasJunkie on twitter @LasVegasJunkie

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