What Else Can You See And Do While In Las Vegas?

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Guest writer Anabel Cooper offers alternatives to gambling and adult-entertainment when visiting Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is one of the most popular resort cities in the world, renowned for its exuberant style and notorious nightlife, and the self-titled billing as the World’s Entertainment Capital. Due to its tolerant attitude towards various forms of entertainment, among which gambling and adult entertainment dominate, Las Vegas quickly attracted the title Sin City and became primarily known as the center of the gambling industry.

Indeed, some of the world’s largest and most renowned Casinos are located here, yet there are many more aspects of Las Vegas worth the tourists’ while apart from Casinos, and these are some of the most impressive must-sees:

  • The Museums

La Concha Motel - Neon Museum

La Concha Motel – Neon Museum

Apart from the world’s largest hotel-casino establishments, Las Vegas is also famous for some of the most interesting and entertaining museums. And since the cities’ lights have been a constant trademark and point of attraction, The Neon Museum was started in 1996. Located in the lobby of the former La Concha Motel, this museum will take visitors on a historical tour of the city through all of the retired neon lights that were once a vivid part of it. Another institution that must not be missed while visiting Las Vegas, especially for those passionate about history and relics, is the Natural History Museum. Started in 1991 as host for an exquisite pre-existing collection, this museum kept evolving with more and more artifacts and collections added to the first. Currently, it has reached a multi-million dollar level and a 35-foot long real Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is one of its most important exhibits.

  • The Grand Canyon

One of the most attractive natural sights in the proximity of Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon Natural Park, and there are numerous bus and helicopter tours that can take tourists there and have them returned in less than one day. The less expensive one out of them has to be the South Rim Tour, which includes a stop at the Hoover Dam. All tours are narrated by local guides and the history and formation of the Canyon are considered by many the highlights to look out for. As for the Hoover Dam stop, tourists will have the opportunity of descending 160 meters down the Black Canyon Walls, to witness in person the witness in person the Nevada Powerwing.  

  • The High Roller

High Roller

High Roller

Covering a great deal of distance, from the shopping LINQ promenade right down to Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller in Las Vegas is not your average Ferris wheel. This a state of the art, 550 feet tall observation wheel with 28 evenly spaced compartments. Each egg-shaped capsule can hold up to forty passengers at a time. Due to the 28m² of glass allocated to each capsule, passengers will benefit from a 360° view. Taller than both the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye, the Las Vegas High Roller truly shines at night, much like in the saying, courtesy to over 2,000 multi-colored LED lights.

There are many more attractions aside from these that should not be missed while visiting Las Vegas and one of the most mentionable ones would have to be Vegas! The Show, a glamorous artistic tour de force hosted by the Planet Hollywood Resort. An old local saying states that when everything else goes dark, Las Vegas continues to shine and so far this has proven undeniably true.

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4 Comments on "What Else Can You See And Do While In Las Vegas?"

  1. Just Passing By | November 1, 2017 at 8:07 am |

    I like to add that you should maybe visit the Lion Habitat Ranch. Its nothing spectacular but it will kill some time and you get to see Lions up close. Also, everyone should go get some good asian food. Exit Spring Mountain Rd and go West, off the 15. Go do some research and support the business. You can easily have a family style dinner for cheap, well, compared to the Strip Hotels. Some of the best Viet food ive had was from Vegas. You cant forget about the Red Rock as well.

  2. More to add to this list.

    The National Atomic Testing Museum, it’s part of the Smithsonian Institution. A lot of Cold War history to explore. A very short cab ride east of the strip on Flamingo Rd.

    The Mob Museum, a couple of blocks off Freemont. A step inside Las Vegas’ shadier past.

    Also I have found the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo to be be really nice. Exotic birds and a koi pond.

  3. I normally don’t gamble during the day, simply because I like the buzz of being at the craps table at night. It’s just more fun for me. As a result I’m constantly looking for things to do during the day. When pool season is open, this isn’t a problem for me. After pool season can be a challenge.

    With that being said, let’s add Hoover Dam to the list. I found the Pawn Stars pawn shop underwhelming, but you should see it just so you can say you did. Also, Vegas has some of the best restaurants this planet has to offer, and they’re at any price point.

    If all else fails, if you’re saving your money for the casinos and don’t want to spend any money on the above, is there better people watching anywhere than Vegas?

  4. I saw Vegas! The Show and it was really good. I would recommend it to anyone. When I can’t afford to gamble that much, I like to walk around thru each of the casinos and their shopping areas and people watch.

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