Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Pizza Rock Turning Four!

Pizza RockAll Haill Pizza Rock!

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

Golden Entertainment has already closed on their $850M purchase of American Casino Entertainment Holdings, which includes both Arizona Charlies properties, the Stratosphere, and the Aquarius in Laughlin, NV (used to be the Laughlin Flamingo for you history buffs).  Read LVRJ coverage here.  They have $1M for improvements and a $100M credit revolver for any other items they need.  First up is some conference facilities at the Stratosphere where they have 15 acres available to build on (I am not exactly sure where the 15 acres are located).

LVRJ has an interesting article on women in leadership positions at leading gaming companies, read here.  Scroll down to the list and check who is doing a better job score-wise.  Yup Wynn and Cosmo for casinos and believe it or not Aristocrat Technologies (makers of the Elvira slot machine) is the highest scoring firm.

Barrett Jackson requested it, Mandalay Bay Convention Center now has metal detectors available depending on the client requests.  Read LVRJ here for details.

If you are so inclined, YouTube has a lengthy portion of the police dispatch and officer recording for Oct. 1.  I believe what I saw from our Planet Hollywood windows was in response to the end of the call, note it does not go all the way to the end but gets far enough past the shooter being reported down that you get an idea of the chaos that the first responders and the command posts were going through and how good local law enforcement was at responding from the dispatch point of view.  Listen here.  This went on all night and into the following morning so at about 1 hour 21 minutes is a fairly good length of recording.  It is graphic so do not listen if you might get affected by it.  A lot of what the local news was reporting was coming from the scanner feed but delayed a bit for confirmation.

With the recent WNBA announcement by MGM, it returns to a more normal release of the news, read LVRJ here on how MGM put a pause on any news including some G2E gaming items it did not release.

Interesting LVCVA is looking for $80M to name a new stadium for the LV Minor League team the Las Vegas 51’s, where you may ask? Summerlin, read LVRJ here.

Local 3News covers the starting of work at Resorts World here.  2 months now before up to 2,000 construction workers come in to start building; they are removing some of the old structure due to design changes first.  Read and watch here.  Supposedly visitation is off only ~1% in the 3 weeks following Oct 1 so if those figures fall further the more time goes by, it might be re-examined.  Let’s hope not, the north Strip needs less dirt and empty, unfinished buildings and more new.

LVSun reviews here the redone Blue Ribbon at Cosmopolitan, and if the picture is any indication I think they might have nailed it, check out that burger!  With Gordan Ramsey Burger across the street at Planet Hollywood, they have to be good.  But is that really a half twice baked potato or a fully loaded potato skin?  If cooked correctly, Chuck mixed with Brisket should be amazing (the fat in the brisket absolutely HAS to render into the meat).

MGM has announced it will not rent out the 32-135 room at Mandalay Bay, read LVSun here.  Festival Village? MGM hasn’t announced anything yet.

The newly named Las Vegas Lights FC at Cashman Field may have a female coach according to Vital Vegas here.  The coach will have a hard time celebrating in the locker room if it’s like any other men’s sport… you know men tend to devolve as they celebrate more.  But that’s a minor issue, I hope they pull the trigger on Mia Hamm to coach and have a great team.

Vital Vegas goes into more of the Las Vegas Club “peckering” (read the blog it’s actually what the end of the crane is called.)  Read and view here.  Good to see Scott getting back to construction and deconstruction porn.

Scott celebrates his favorite food and restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas; wow! Is pizza rock 4 years old already?  Read his Vital Vegas blog post on that here.  I have been trying to get the wife to try Downtown Grand for a while, but no luck yet.

Vital Vegas also covers Axe Hole opening at Neonopolis downtown, read here.  Interesting tidbit of info in the article, females make better Axe Throwers than do men, it’s all in the technique.  Reminds me of the Starship Troopers movie scene with Jake Busey and the knife-throwing exercise during training…… MEDIC!

Caesars has been sending out tons of marketing emails in a shotgun style, and buried in them late last week was the surprise that the Diamond Lounges will NOT be available in 2018 for free to those that are under 25,000 Tier Credits (Diamond starts at 15,000 Tier Credits).  See the Reddit link here.

Holy cow!  My wife will go absolutely nuts for this and we’ll have to start getting our Wynn Red cards out of storage (nothing like being sick while at the Wynn…. again great bed).  Wynn WAS (see UPDATE) working on getting Adele for a 1-year residency at $500K a show, see PageSix here.  We may have to drop MGM or Caesars and get back into Wynn since it seems North Strip is coming to life.  UPDATE: Wife is BUMMED, as Kats of LVRJ refutes that story as Wynn was actually the low ball amount per night, read here on the extreme per nights Caesars, MGM and Venetian threw at her to no avail.

Straight from a Clark County agenda, the All Net building modification requests for a variance, read PDF here.  Somehow if this gets built I think the Foxtail pool at SLS is doomed with extensive shade from the big towers to the south.

MarC via EDGE Vegas has an excellent article on for maximizing your comps while playing blackjack, read here.

Caesars “rang” the bell at NASDAQ and then held an investors meeting (was postponed from the week after ASSHAT event during G2E).  Read LVRJ here for details.  They also have hired a new Chief Marketing Officer Chris Holdren, read here.  MarC of Edge Vegas listened in and here are his thoughts via TravelZork.  I still think they need to put new parking structures between Koval and Linq Way and then just re-do the parking structures as Conference Buildings or other buildings as needed (Flamingo is boxed in by that Hotel off the back of the building).

Gamblit Gaming machines being tested at Planet Hollywood, the new Tri-Station ones in addition to the tabletop ones.  Read LVSun here.  Frissora isn’t going to give up on this although they have moved the table top ones back to near the PF Chang’s area and off the main walkway across from the table games… I think as there was a lot of space back there it will accommodate those new Tri-Station machines as well.  Since we just came back from there before the Tri-Station machines were installed I can honestly say there was NO ONE playing the countertop machines at any time we looked, so that statement about making money and floor space rings untrue.

Yes, Container Park toy shop Kappa Toys is opening a 2nd location at the Linq, read LVSun here.  I need that “Oh My” ballpoint pen to counter my wife’s NO pen (funny ways to say NO).

Eater Vegas has some more renderings and info on the new esports arena that is under construction now and replaces the LAX nightclub at Luxor.  Read and view here.

Horror fans of John Carpenter and his very musical movies (most of the music composed by himself) head over to the Hard Rock Joint on Oct 29 for the launch of his second concert tour, read and listen to his and some excellent remixes on here.

And that’s it for this week, next week we will be covering some of the 3rd Quarter Earnings reports and diving into presentations to see if there are any new nuggets of info for you there… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty!

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That’s all Folks!

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  1. ChrisinNashville | October 27, 2017 at 7:44 am |

    Caesars has been sending out tons of marketing emails in a shotgun style = yeah. I am getting about 2 a day. Everything from $10 credit to 3 free nights.

    Any word/rumors on when the Wynn golf course is closing?

    • ChrisinNashville | October 27, 2017 at 7:51 am |

      Never mind, just saw this on the LVRJ.
      Wynn said he would close the golf course Dec. 22 and start work Jan. 3 on its newest project, a 47-story, 1,500-room hotel.

  2. Great read Marty, sure gonna miss LV club lots of good times there, thanks for the update!

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