Pampas Brazilian Grille at Miracle Mile Shops Review

Pampas Brazilian Grille

Iun Hockley returns with a review of Pampas Brazilian Grille in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort

Do you like meat? I like meat. And you had better like meat if you visit Pampas Brazilian Grille in the Miracle Mile Shops; because there’s meat, a lot of meat.

Tucked down a quiet little lane in the shopping mall, Pampas has quite an unassuming front and it would be easy to miss due to its location and restrained façade. And yet as with many places in this great city, scratching the surface reveals a lot more depth than you would expect.

For those of you who are new to the “Brazilian Grille Rodizio” concept, let me explain a little – and you can skip this paragraph if you’re an old hand – so there’s a salad/pasta bar to which you can help yourselves ad infinitum, but the key feature is that the servers come around periodically with enormous skewers of meat, and cut it in front of you. Every table has a coaster that’s red on one side and green on the other. Flip it to green and the servers will come to “meat” you, flip it to red and you will receive not a sausage.

In general, the meats were good – not over or undercooked, but more or less very nicely done. The seafood was brought to us by the servers at the start of the meal, as we had opted for the “surf-and-turf” option. Mrs. Hockley reported that the mussels, shrimps, and clams were good. Mr. Hockley enjoyed practically every cut of meat, except the pork, which was drier than the Mojave in summer. The Groupon we bought included all the meat, seafood, salad, and pasta plus an hour of mimosas as well. While perhaps a little more expensive than a hotel lunch buffet, and with less choice, the quiet atmosphere and generally unassuming vibe lends the experience a certain appeal.

Groupon seems to have a permanent deal on for around $65 for lunch – including sangria, mimosas, beer and a dessert, dinner will run you $99 dollars. Prices for lunch and dinner don’t seem to be listed on the website and neither of us looked at the main menu. Expect walk-in prices to be higher than above.

[Photo Cred. Pampas Grille]

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  1. Thanks for the great review, I’ve passed this several times walking through Miracle Mile Shops in our stays at Planet Hollywood and not gone in, maybe it is the location. I have gone down to Town and Country Mall and eaten at Texas de Brazil as their meat is spectacularly done no matter what it was. They even serve Guarana Antarctica down there. Do you know if Pampas serves up Bacon Wrapped Filet or Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast as well as the Guarana soda? If so I don’t even have to leave Planet Hollywood to get my Weeble on (after eating at a Brazilian Grille Rodizio you get up and feel like a Weeble…you wobble but you don’t fall down!!!).

    • Ha! I remember Weebles!

      I have no recollection of bacon-wrapped chicken or Guarana soda, I do however, remember that I needed to be mopped up off the floor after the meal.

  2. Great review – this is one of my “staple” restaurants to go to when I am in Vegas. I have always had good meals there and the only complaint I have is that the meats are sometimes a little slow to come around if they are really busy – but everything has always been very tasty.

    Tix for Tonight also has a great deal on passes for this restaurant (almost half price for the meat only (no seafood) dinner).

    • I did not know about that Tix4Tonite deal, thanks for the info drop! Although me being me, I have to book everything in advance to make sure I know what’s happening on any given day – with so much to see and do and such a limited window of opportunity in the city, I have to plan to the last few minutes!

      Stupid OCD…

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