Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like The Golden Knights Winning Their Home Opener

Golden Knights

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas! #VEGASSTRONG

Caesars CEOC subsidiary bankruptcy is now complete and there is a ton of newness happening in the company.  As CZR and CAC merged ( a requirement for coming out of CEOC bankruptcy) there was a huge juggle at the Corporate-Board-of-Directors/Chairman-of-the-Board level.  Gary Loveman is no longer the Chairman of the Board.  James Hunt is the new Chairman; read here for all the newness there, he comes in with the experience of running Disney’s parks and resorts.

The real estate REIT that the creditors gained in a spin-off from the CEOC bankruptcy is now VICI Properties, Inc (see the website here).  They own Caesars Palace (both LV and AC) as well as the Golf Courses and most of the Non-Indian resorts out on in the regional market on top of the Gulf Coast, most of Atlantic City, Reno and Lake Tahoe properties. Caesars now rents those properties from VICI Properties, Inc. for the foreseeable future.  Here is their SEC submission on details of the new company.

MGM cancels its new marketing campaign in light of recent events, read LVRJ here.  Somehow, advertising you are in the holy sh*t business as part of a marketing strategy may be a forewarning as more WTF details come to light.

Good news The Cosmopolitan is continuing on with the $100M room renovation and LVRJ here has some nice pics and video of the new layouts.

Wynn does a “Security in Las Vegas” interview and reveals some interesting items that no one knew about here.  My wife and I were there when Garth Brooks first came to Wynn; I got sick and was bed-bound for several days (nicest bed to feel crappy in).  This was before they did the Do Not Disturb check; they didn’t touch the room while I was sick but did knock.  Bally’s also checks on their guests daily via Housekeeping calls which was a surprise to us and different from the other Caesars properties.

Timeline and Asshat details from local ABC13 here. Surprising details continue to emerge, the hotel security guard was shot first and now questions on timing or if hotel security called the police immediately.  As reported in #5, did the bellhop assist Asshat with bags and use a freight elevator to the room as a high roller perk?  If they did, and hotel security delayed calling Police as per ABC and reported by 8News here, MGM may be on the hook for a massive lawsuit from victims.  For a fairly concise write up on the timeline read Business Insider here.  The Sheriff has also reserved the right to re-modify the timeline as appropriate during the investigation; it’s not final folks and a lot of details will need to be hashed over.  It’s interesting that suddenly the Jet Fuel storage tanks just outside of the Groom Lake transport area (you know it as Area 51 transport or JANET) that was reported as the initial shooting target suddenly has dropped off the radar, this was the last story on that here. If you want to see the JANET jets and how close those tanks were, look at this YouTube video here.  Pause at 0:26 and you can see those tanks back behind the gap between the buildings.

Speaking of lawsuits first one filed by victims listing MGM, Festival organizers and Bump Stock manufactures as defendants in the lawsuit read news3lv here.

The Golden Knights held their home opener game vs Arizona Coyotes; LVSun has a big gallery here. As well as an associated article here…a win 5 to 2.  Oh and a quick tidbit overheard while I was in Las Vegas, during hockey season the ice stays put the entire time, it’s covered over for other events.  It was very cool there during Imagine Dragon’s concert, let’s see how it lasts if they get to the playoffs and the ground in Las Vegas heats up.

LVWeekly has one of the best opinion pieces here on how you can’t take Vegas from us, read here.

Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District is the new home to the Healing Garden, this was completely done by volunteers and put up quickly, let’s hope it endures.  Read LVWeekly here.

There is also a 58 cross memorial “temporarily” at the Las Vegas sign, LivingInLasVegas visited, see here.  A list of the victims is imposed over the footage.

LVWeekly’s weekend Oontz shows listed here.

On Nov. 7 at the Omnia nightclub in Caesars Palace, Hakkasan presents the #VEGASSTRONG Benefit, read LVRJ here.  Other benefit music shows are listed here on LVWeekly.

Harrah’s comic Ralphie May has passed away at 45, read Kats via LVRJ here.  He had been battling pneumonia and had canceled some shows.

Robin also reports that Masters of Illusion will be the big show at the Jubilee Theater in Bally’s read here.  Oh and an interesting tidbit in there, scroll down to the section that says Hotel Site. The Alon land is up for auction, evidently, no outright buyers interested or a few but arguing about price.

MarC of EDGE Vegas (via link to travelvegas) here has 18 news slots coming soon to a casino near you.  The big X-Files machine is very close to the layout of the current Elvira machines.  Caesars slot managers at Planet Hollywood need to be kicked for removing Elvira from the Sports Book and Earl of Sandwich area, she even has a Buffalo spoof spot and you know those machines nearby are what? Buffalllloooooo.  If you haven’t experienced the joy of the Elvira slot…some YouTube joy here.

EATER Vegas has the new Bavette’s opening of Oct. 23 for Park MGM. Not sure if the Chicago hamburger is the one listed or not but have a peek here.  After the Primrose opening, they seem to be going for high-end eateries to start with and removing all the everyday quick eats.

EATER Vegas also has the confirmation that Pronto by Giada is a for sure thing at Caesars Palace read here.  Retail and Gelato are new things not discussed previously and the concept is more in line with what the traffic supports, more quick eats in an Italian flavor.  Sounds like a perfect pairing, Caesars Palace and Italian Cafe.

Stiffs and Georges has a pretty good write up on the Wall Street rumor that Pinnacle and PENN gaming might merge, read here.  If I remember the REIT that holds the physical properties already owns both Pinnacle and PENN properties. Perhaps that’s why PENN has slowed down any construction plans at Tropicana LV.

Oscar Goodman’s wish that Vegas remains Vegas got local news coverage see news3lv here.  His wife Carolyn is the current mayor of Las Vegas and she was everywhere the night of the shooting and was grim and concerned in every news conference and supportive of the first responder’s and all medical staff even though the shooting did not occur in her city limits (Mandalay Bay is in unincorporated Paradise area of Clark County).  She probably did not sleep for several days she was around that much, kudos Carolyn for being that compassionate.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty!

Here are the stories we brought you this week:

Behind the Park MGM and NoMad construction walls

Checking in on the many south Strip construction projects 

Out with the old [French Market Buffet], in with the new [Medley Buffet] at The Orleans 

That’s all Folks!

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  1. ChrisinNashville | October 13, 2017 at 7:27 am |

    1. Continued blessings on everyone in Vegas. Story is harder to comprehend with everything I read
    2. I am a Predators fan but these Golden Knights have been fun to follow
    3. Does’t seem like the Cosmo is old enough to be doing a renovation. Time flies.

  2. Matthew Belger | October 13, 2017 at 9:07 am |

    The X-Files game, I’m working on got a mention on VegasBright, very cool!

  3. Should have mentioned what JANET stands for….
    Just Another Non-Existent Terminal

  4. I was in Las Vegas earlier this week to attend the Vegas Golden Knights inaugural home game and I was incredibly touched and impressed at how the city of Las Vegas has come together in the wake of the tragedy on October 1st. The 58 crosses at the temporary memorial behind the Las Vegas sign was very somber and emotional for everyone who was there. So many people from all over the world were stopping by to pay their respects, many stopping to pray over each and every cross.

    While we were there my friend and I spoke to a Las Vegas Metro police officer who had stopped by the memorial to visit the cross of a victim whose dead body he had carried out of the concert venue that night. He told us he was off duty and attending the concert that night and that when the gunfire began he didn’t recognize it as gunfire at first. He didn’t realize it was gunfire until about six shots had gone off and right then he saw the person in front of him get shot in the head. Despite his attempts to save the man and drag him to safety, he didn’t make it. It was touching to see him there paying his respects to the man he was unable to save, as well as to all of the other victims from that night.

    The Vegas Golden Knights did an incredible job managing to pay tribute to all of the victims and to the heroic first-responders from that tragic night while also fostering a celebratory atmosphere during the opening ceremony of the first-ever regular-season home game in franchise history. The way they handled the event showed what a classy organization they are. They removed all advertisements from the dasher boards around the rink and replaced them with #VegasStrong messaging. Towels with only #VegasStrong printed on them were placed on very seat in the venue. The Golden Knights players all wore jerseys with “Vegas Strong” across their backs during the pre-game warm-ups. T-shirts with a special Golden Knights “Vegas Strong” design were sold there with 100% of the proceeds going to help the victims of the massacre. When I wore mine the next day, everywhere I went people were asking me where I got the shirt and how they could get one!

    I don’t even live in Las Vegas and I was extremely proud of the way the people of Las Vegas and the Vegas Golden Knights are helping each other to heal the wounds inflicted on them on October 1st. I feel very fortunate to have been in Las Vegas this week so I was able to witness first-hand the compassion and resiliency of the people of Las Vegas in the wake of such an enormous tragedy.

  5. Just Passing By | October 13, 2017 at 1:13 pm |

    I think most of popular hotels on the strip try to renovate every 5 years or so. Doesnt surprise me about the Cosmo. I am rooting for the Golden Knights. San Diego doesnt have a hockey team – i am definitely rooting for my second home team.

  6. Just to put everything in perspective, there are about 25 homicides per day in the USA by guns. Most major cities see 58 homicides by gun within one month. Chicago had 58 killings in 28 days in September alone. While it is very tragic about what happened in Las Vegas, it is only a fraction of what happens all the time. Even back in 2001, when over 3,000 people died on 9/11, there were over 18,000 homicides in the USA that same year. I sympathize with all the victims families, and hope that everyone doesn’t forget all the others that are murdered everyday.

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