Sh*t You May Have Missed When the Vegas Golden Knights Unveiled Their Jerseys

It’s Sh*t You May Have Missed for the week ending June 23rd, 2017.

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here with this week’s news around town in our favorite place, Las Vegas!

1. Oontz fest, I mean EDC came and went last weekend. Galleries from LVSun of Night One here, Night Two here, Night three here. 3News shows EDC visitors having fun on the strip here. News3LV also has the totals from the LVMPD for stuff you really don’t want to happen, open this here and scroll down to the bullet items. LVRJ sums it all up here nicely as well. The best read is from LVRJ’s entertainment section by Jason Bracelin for a 30-hour experience of EDC here. On a sad note and condolences to his family, there was one heat-related death at EDC this year.

2. Ever wonder about those chairs you sit in while at the tables, slots or Video Poker? Well, this article from LVSun puts it all in perspective, read here. I can tell from personal experience that the chairs have gotten way more comfortable and accommodating over the years.  Back in the day, I’d even seen just normal wicker back dining chairs with fabric bottom round cushions ….and that killed a VP run after about a 40-minute sit-down session as your legs would fall asleep.

3. Derek Stevens talks downtown with LVSun, read here. He’s still not giving a lot of details on 18 Fremont St, in design stages and not finalized yet he says.

4.  As referenced in #3, yeah this might throw the design off…..Derek just about doubled his land space, read Vital Vegas here. Interesting that he’s bought the only land on the other side of the Union Pacific railroad tracks that can be used as another casino. If this is an entire single resort, I’m just not getting the parking structure between Plaza and Main Street Station. I would think maybe he’d do a Main Street Station – The California sky bridge between casino/hotel towers, but not Casino, Parking Garage, Casino. And not sure how he’s going to clear those train tracks for the rail line that is still in use. The Plaza used to back to a big rail yard, and if I remember the original Union Station used to be where the Plaza is or just to the south of it. Anything he does to connect that property over the rail line has to have Union Pacific and probably some branch of government approval.

5. MGM Grand announced plans for an add-on of convention space read LVSun here. It should have broken ground on June 20th. Now, all that Koval side construction for the utilities that we ran into during the Green Day concert is starting to make sense.  UPDATE: LVRJ has the groundbreaking ceremony here.  Just have to say, Caesars has a lot of catching up to do here, they could almost double the Planet Hollywood space if they’d wall up that giant mezzanine area that has nothing but carpet on it now and still have room to walk around up there.

6. LVWeekly is reporting on a new “Music Convention” called Emerge Music + Impact Conference in mid-November. Odd dates but weather should be nice in that timeframe, as it’s still a little warm but nights will be cool. Read LVWeekly for details and pricing/artists and such here.

7. Robin at Niche c/o LVRJ here has a very nice write up on Xavier Mortimer’s rise to fame from France to Las Vegas as well as a good Q & A session, now that Xavier has another contract extension, my wife and I will have to see him in late September.

8. Interesting… there may be several high-rise apartment projects heading into the downtown area near Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston (East of Arts District). Read LVRJ article here. Notice it’s not Condominiums, yet.

9. El Cortez is paying someone big, a Big Bang Theory slot machine hit a jackpot with a $2 bet on the first play to the tune of $1.4M. Of course, they wish to remain anonymous and I’d stay anonymous for a long time too with that kind of winning. Read KTNV here.

10. MarC of EDGEVegas via TravelVegas has the themed casinos to visit while you still can, read here. I believe in one of the Murren’s (CEO of MGM Resorts) quarterlies he actually discussed Excalibur and Luxor being next on the “remodeling/remaking” theme. Not sure how you de-theme a pyramid with a light you can see from space….but it’s MGM, they will find a way. Michael, new April Fool’s prank? Glass slides down the face of Luxor? I.e. Skyslide in LA (here).

11. Las Vegas Golden Knights now have players via the NHL Expansion Draft, read NHL Draft coverage via LVSun here. Budget more for parking during Home Games if you are in town, anywhere near T-Mobile Arena, and staying at MGM properties…they should just call it Surge Parking Pricing and be done with it.

12. The Palm Restaurant at Forum Shops has its Lobster summer special back on, for some interesting history (wow 23 years already) on the restaurant, read here.

13. Well now, this is interesting, due to a court ruling 88 Mary Jane distributors have been eliminated from the Nevada approved list, looks like existing alcohol distributing companies take up the slack after winning the ruling in court. Read LVSun here.

14. LVWeekly has an interesting article about living downtown and the possibility of new high-rise living read here. Sounds like #8 is an early adopter.

15. Raiders Stadium up for FAA review/ruling on height and other possible pilot distractions (lights, fireworks and such), what I didn’t know and why the Stratosphere is probably in Las Vegas proper, as Clark County will reject any plans that do not pass FAA rulings, read LVRJ here. Scroll down and enjoy the flyby/fly through rendered video.

16. Chumlee’s Candy On The Blvd Shop at Pawn Plaza is open for business, Kats of LVRJ reports on the opening here. A surprise is Big League Chew (bubble gum) is the best seller so far. But check out that array of PEZ next to the counter. Now if he could only get Mr. Pibb in soda bottle form…or even the Australian Royal Crown Cola (cane sugar based).

17. MarC for EDGEVegas has a concise list of All-Suite Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas via here. Wynn/Encore and Palazzo/Venetian are still some of the nicest standard rooms in town.

18. MarC of EDGE Vegas also has details on the pre-4th of July weekend MLife Red White and Blue celebration on here.  My wife and I did this last year while staying at Bally’s, and she was hoping to get the Garth Brook’s tickets, as usual, the story was the standard Survivor fare “Got nothing for us, time to head back to camp.”

19. VegasSeven has the list of Las Vegas things to do this weekend (and up to next Wednesday) read here. LV Comic Con is usually very entertaining although not as large as the San Diego one.

20. While not in Las Vegas, MGM lost a lawsuit over a competing 3rd Indian Casino to open soon that will compete with MGM Springfield (being built now), read Seattle Times here. Since they will probably not build another casino in Connecticut, my suggestion is to do the following: build something new and exciting across from the SLS and Lucky Dragon, since that music venue (Rock in Rio space) worked out sooooo well.

21. The Las Vegas Golden Knights have debuted their team jerseys so if you don’t already have a team to root for, might as well wear the colors representing your adopted city. Read here.

That’s it for this week’s news, and now to our Editor-In-Chief, Michael Movestro for our stuff and other items to note!

Thanks, BiGAZMArty! Hmmm..dethemeing a pyramid…*makes a note for next April* Hi, peeps! Here are the stories brought this week:

22. It all started on Sunday with the Vegas Bright Podcast Episode 37 where Vegas Gone By focusing on The Hacienda made its return with a new guest co-host for Vinnie.

23. I reviewed the Hangover Slopper burger at Tom’s Urban in the NYNY.

24. Blonde4ever shares the many reasons why she chooses The Plaza to stay and play.

25. Kelly Lamrock takes you on the Ultimate Vegas Strip Drink Crawl – Part 1.

26. @LasVegasJunkie shares Part 1 of his Memorial Day Weekend Vegas Trip Report.

27. And, of course, SYMHM by 98% BigAZMarty, and 2% me, Michael Movestro.

We’ll see you next week, have a great weekend!

[Photo: Courtesy of the Vegas Golden Knights]

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