Blonde4ever: Why I Choose the Plaza Hotel and Casino

Blonde4ever shares the many reasons why she chooses The Plaza to stay and play.

The Plaza has been my “home away from home” now for several years. Every six months I do a Vegas trip, and the Plaza is always included in my accommodations. I will explain why I choose them over some other downtown hotels.

The reason I fell in love with the Plaza initially is because you get free wifi with a comped room. I will go anywhere that comps me a room, but I was always discouraged by other downtown properties that would charge if you wanted to use your wifi from the comfort of your bed. I am on a budget, but I also need to stay connected while I am in Vegas. I run a Las Vegas forum that I have to keep an eye on (, and also I am a social media girl. I want to stay in touch with my friends and family back home with Facebook and other platforms.  I love nothing better after a long day of Vegas fun than to return to my room at night and update everyone on my day’s adventures.

So that is what attracted me to the Plaza at first, but as my stays grew in number, I found lots of other things to love. I appreciate how spacious the rooms are, especially if multiple people are staying in the room. Some hotel rooms have a very claustrophobic feel to them but not the Plaza. Yes, they need new furniture. There are quite a few dings and scratches in the current ones, but that does not bother me when held up against all the other things I enjoy about the hotel. I like the layout of the rooms too; one person can be showering while the other is using the sink since it is in a separate area. It helps to expedite things when two people are trying to get ready in the morning.

The Plaza food court is full of economical choices for a quick bite. Now with the addition of the lovely Brightside Cafe, there is yet another option for a fast, cheap meal.


If you are looking for larger portions Hash House a Go Go is a very popular restaurant. There is also the option of Pop Up Pizza if that is what you are craving. Don’t forget Oscar’s steakhouse for an upscale meal. As a person with some mobility issues, it is critical to me that there are lots of choices of places to eat without ever leaving the building. I know that there are lots of great choices nearby in downtown Vegas, but there are times when I am too tired or in too much pain to make it that extra block.

Following that same train of thought, I was pleased to see that if I chose to rent a scooter on my trip, the personnel at the Bell desk would arrange it for me. They even had a scooter on site that I could have had immediately if I had wanted it.

It is helpful that the Plaza has a large selection of TV channels on a high definition television for the times when my gambling day did not go well, and I need to retire to my room.

Something else I noticed on this last trip was the piped in music. I always enjoy the bands they have in the evenings, but I never paid any particular notice to the songs being played at other times. This trip the music in the casino was so appealing that I was actually shoving extra twenties in my machine just to stay in that environment longer. I don’t know if they have upgraded their sound system or what, but it was hitting all the right marks with me. It was loud enough to be noticeable, but not ear-splitting like the Golden Gate and the D. And the selection was varied but with a definite leaning towards upbeat music that would appeal to us more mature visitors. I was literally bopping in my chair to the songs (sorry if that presents an unpleasant mental image to you).

I am a big fan of the Happy Hour in Oscar’s Lounge; from 4-7pm daily, 50% off appetizers, house wine, well liquors and beer. It is a great deal, and the sliders are delicious! I hear from reliable sources that the Omaha lounge in the casino will be renovated in the not too far distant future (hopefully with higher chairs for those of us who have a hard time getting off low ones).

As downtown has increased in popularity and with the addition of all the stages, event centers, and festivals, finding a quiet room is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes I stay at other hotels and wear earplugs, but I really appreciate how quiet my Plaza rooms have always been. If you enjoy retreating to a calm, quiet place, the Plaza is one of the best hotels to find a room like that; just request a quiet room at check in. I also adore how the air conditioning systems stay on constantly so your room is always cool and it also provides white noise in case there are loud people going by in the hall.

Critics of the Plaza like to go on about smells. I will admit that a few years ago I did find the scent in the casino to be strong, but in recent trips, I can barely discern a scent at all. The casino was cool and fresh, just the way I like it. All I can smell is a faint pleasant scent when I first walk into the lobby from outside. I encountered no unpleasant odors at all on my recent stay. Smell is a very subjective thing and what is appealing to one person will be too much for another, I am just relating my honest experiences.

In years past people have mentioned long lines at check in. On this trip, I stayed seven nights and saw no long lines during that time period. I also witnessed them installing two new self-check-in kiosks which will help with any check-in congestion.


I was startled by all the changes in the casino. At first, I thought some of my old favorite Video Poker machines were gone, but then I realized they were just moved. The casino was filled with all the latest slots.


I managed to find all the new games I was looking for, but I am happy that they continue to keep a mix of old and new machines. Also, I immediately noticed the addition of the gorgeous crystal chandeliers all through the casino giving it a brighter, more elegant look.

The renovated pool area is fantastic and the Plaza now has one of the nicest downtown pools. I am partial to the heated pool and hot tub. Those things are invaluable to those of us with joint issues.
Pool information found here.

The Plaza is constantly planning events and activities to draw in the crowds. I had a blast attending their recent Aloha Slot Tournament and Luau Beach Party; dinner, drinks, entertainment,  and fireworks all on the gorgeous pool deck. What is not to love?

If you enjoy bingo, the Plaza is the place to be. They have a 280-seat newly renovated Bingo room that hosts six daily Bingo sessions. If you are looking for a great show in a classic showroom, see the Scintas. They appear on a rotating basis. There is always something entertaining to do at the Plaza.Vegas Classics: The Scintas

Sometimes it is hard to know what you are entitled to in the way of comps. There are many of us who are shy about talking to hosts and who would prefer the ability to check things out online. I encourage you to give them a call; it really isn’t that intimidating an experience.

I have been accused of being a shill for the Plaza. People insinuate that I am being paid to say nice things; obviously, that is not the case. If I were being paid would I be playing nickel video poker?
I cannot emphasize enough, do NOT judge the Plaza by people’s comments from the past. It has changed radically even in the last year and continues to improve all the time.
Visit, stay and judge for yourself.

[Photos: Blonde4ever]

About the Author

Bonnie, aka Blonde4ever, is the admin of one of our favorite Vegas forums: LasVegas4ever. She covers a large spectrum of topics from her personal experiences in Las Vegas.

48 Comments on "Blonde4ever: Why I Choose the Plaza Hotel and Casino"

  1. Bob Kotek | June 20, 2017 at 8:03 am |

    Thanks for the insight on the Plaza, Bonnie. I have found myself spending more time there each trip. There have been numerous changes over the last few years, most of them for the better. We spend more time downtown now on our visits to Vegas and it’s nice to have a great option like the Plaza in the mix.

  2. charles brooks | June 20, 2017 at 9:39 am |

    i do go there to gamble when in town but i stayed there twice last year and when making reservations for my may trip this year i contacted a host about some comped rooms and didnt get any…….and the resort fee really chaps my butt so i guess they will just get my gambling dollars….thanks for the report… spite of all this I still like the Plaza..

  3. Hey Blonde I’ve always liked your reviews and the love for the Plaza shows! I am going to give them a shot on my next trip if things line up for me. I hope they will match my comps at the GN so I can get a free room.

  4. Nice overview. I’ve been following your stays and they seem to get better each time. With everything else drying up for me in Vegas, perhaps I ought to try seeding this place on some future trip. When you mention the “heated” pool, does that mean they continue to heat it in November? VPfree shows full pay quarter Vp, but I suspect the nickel versions have lower pay tables. How low do they go? Thanks for a good job offering details. Quiet is especially a draw for me, and there are so few quiet rooms in Vegas downtown anymore.

    • I was told last fall that the pool will stay open year round weather permitting and as far as I know it would continue to be heated. Apparently the heating was out for about two weeks this year but it is fine now.
      When I play nickels I don’t even look at the paytables…sorry.
      So far I have never had a noisy Plaza room.
      Thanks for reading Dewey!

  5. Diane Vine | June 20, 2017 at 10:59 am |

    I too have mobility issues, pain & leg cramps to deal with. My very last trip last March I was able to rent a fold up walker which really helped. I also have some information to help a great deal with leg cramps if you are interested Bonnie. From one Canuck to another. BTW have always enjoyed your reviews & reports. Diane

    • Thanks Diane, fellow Canuck! Actually I did not have any leg cramps this last trip. Sciatica was my main issue.
      It is always

  6. Cathryn Carter | June 20, 2017 at 12:01 pm |

    Thanks for the review. I’ve never been there. Now, a consideration.

  7. I also noticed the music/sound system when I visited the Plaza in May. Loved it. They also have 9/6 VP machines. One thing that can keep me from staying at the Plaza is the usually long and slow check in process. If this gets better, as you have indicated it might, I may think about the Plaza for one of my upcoming stays!

  8. I finally got to stay at the Plaza back in May for one night. due to delays and such, I was running about 8-10 hours behind schedule. I didn’t get to gamble much.
    I had no problem at all with check-in or check-out.
    I liked the pool for sure.
    the pickle ball courts are clearly a waste of space, but at least they tried something. from all accounts that I have heard they are almost always empty. it was too many to start with.
    I wonder if they have any plans for that wasted space yet.

    • I don’t know much about pickle ball, but I do know sometimes they have tournaments and then the place is hopping.
      Thanks for your comments.

  9. My husband and I are staying at the Plaza in August for the first time and we have already made reservations for Oscar’s. Thanks to you, I am looking forward to it even more. Thank you for the review!

  10. I have never stayed at The Plaza but I do enjoy going there and LOVE both Hash House and Pop Up Pizza. I have stayed at Main Street Station and loved it. They also have large and quite rooms and the casino there is as beautiful as a casino can be. After your review I think I may have to take a look at the Plaza for my next downtown stay.

  11. Bonnie I have do agree with all u said about the Plaza, I’ve stayed there for over 10 years, but they’re resort fee pisses me off I don’t use wifi or the pool & not gonna pay them 20 bucks anymore, I like the Casino to play in but I stay elsewhere where there is no resort fee!

  12. Really enjoyed your article. Kind of want to try the Plaza next time I am in Vegas!

  13. redchipbettor | June 20, 2017 at 6:11 pm |

    Thanks for the article Bonnie! I always enjoy reading your point of view. I made a point to gamble at Plaza in March because I want to stay there for my November trip. The amount of gambling I did would have got me a comped mid-week night or two at other resorts, but I haven’t heard anything from Plaza yet. Toward the end of your article you mentioned calling them. I guess that’s what I’ll do. I submitted a online request from a page on their web site a few days ago, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

  14. Stayed there for the first time last Halloween. No complaints. Nice place, decent rates, lots of up side there these days. I will be back.

  15. Its been my go-to place when I visit Vegas from Hawaii. It pleasantly surprised me about a year or two ago and have been staying there since.

  16. No strip for me Steve | June 21, 2017 at 1:58 pm |

    I like downtown because you can move around to the different casinos easily without driving. I get bored staying at the same place too long. While I do enjoy the Plaza casino have never stayed there.Because of your review I think I will make a reservation…Thanks

  17. My daughter and I discovered the new, improved Plaza during our visit the first weekend of June. We loved Brightside and especially loved the new to us Oscar’s terrific happy hour. If we ruled the world, Oscar’s would have certain dress restrictions (no baseball caps please!), but one can’t have everything I suppose.

  18. I absolutely love the Plaza Hotel and Casino after staying there in Nov of 2016 they sent me a free 3 night comp that i used the fist of this month not only did i get the free 3 nights i also was comped match play in bingo plus daily comps of 15 free slot play or 25 chip play. Not to mention the coupon book that comes in your room is very handy. i will be booking my next trip to stay there again keep up the good work for all us Vegas lovers

  19. Diane Monsrud | June 27, 2017 at 2:19 pm |

    YES I too loved staying at the Plaza at one time ! In fact 20+ years at their properties I brought them many new guests! All at once I didn’t gamble enough for them so no longer get any comps! This last May they really wanted my friend and I to come back BUT we chose to stay elsewhere that we don’t have to spend $1000’s to get a comped night! My friend and I get comps other places and rooms are great at them to.

  20. roger anderson | June 27, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

    Hello there, I’ve been staying at the Plaza for so many years except when they were closed that I lost count, maybe 30 years or more. But the last time I stayed there I thought that the desk people were very unfriendly. I have always booked in several rooms for friends and it was the same this time. I was told that they wold comp part of my fee’s but when I checked out they did not and wold not do anything for me.. I didn’t like that they BJ tables were few with many more Asian games then normal. Rooms were just OK but very noisy. I had asked when reservations were made to be in the south tower away from Fremont street and they said great. But when we arrived we got rooms overlooking Fremont with no other choice.

  21. Linda Sigler | June 27, 2017 at 5:41 pm |

    I have been going to the Plaza for 34 years. There has been many changes to the good. Curtis and Olivia are very helpful and really help with the comps. I could not get myself to stay anywhere else after all the comps I have received. Its not how much you spend, it’s how long you play, even if it’s nickels.

  22. I’ll be staying there for 3 nights in September. What’s your room recommendation (tower and direction, height etc)? Thanks!

    • I don’t really have one, I have stayed in both towers and they were both fine. I prefer the North Tower only because I have some walking issues and it is the first one you hit when you come in the door from Fremont. Height? Well…the higher floors have a better view of the mountains. And if you face the mountains your room will be nice and quiet.

  23. ChrisinNashville | June 28, 2017 at 11:47 am |

    I’ve never stayed there but love to play there every time I am in town. The last time I was there, the slots were forever in my favor! Wonder Woman and Sky Ryder alone more than paid for my trip.

  24. Hey I’ve stayed there over 15 years never got offered one comp,& I’ve got 100s of hour playing time, I like all the floor workers & bartenders, & the machines are great, the rooms are quiet, but again the resort fee is crazy, I remember when it started a $5 a day now it’s up to $20 a day! Bonnie you can buy lots of wifi for $20 a day!!
    I’m on a first name basis with most of the bartenders & C Ws

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