Burger Review: The Hangover Slopper at Tom’s Urban

The Hangover Slopper

Michael Movestro reviews the Hangover Slopper burger at Tom’s Urban.

On my recent Vegas trip to attend 360 Vegas Vacation 4, I set out on a mission to get a couple of new burger reviews under my belt. I was strolling through the NYNY on a Saturday night looking for dinner options. As I passed Tom’s Urban, there was an open menu which I was looking through, and a burger caught me eye. I knew immediately by the name of it that I would not have this for dinner, but I would indeed have it the next day for breakfast. The Hangover Slopper burger made me think of the Binion’s Hangover Burger, and I remembered how the Binion’s version set me on a good path for the rest of my day last I had it for breakfast. Noted down in my Reminders app and set for the morning of the next day “Hangover Slopper at NYNY – Tom’s Urban.” For dinner that night I went to Gonzalez Y Gonzalez for the Pork Carnitas.

The next day I slept in (as I usually do in Vegas) and get up for the morning routine to start my day. So glad that a hangover breakfast was the first item of the day as I knew it would be a healthy pre-game to the activities that would follow that night with the 360 Vegas crew. As I sat at the bar and looked more closely at the menu, the ingredients of the Hangover Slopper intrigued me as I never quite experienced a burger like this before.

The Hangover Slopper

“100% Angus Beef burger on a butter-toasted brioche bun, smothered with pork green chili, topped with queso fresco, Pico de gallo, cheddar & jack, two fried eggs; served with shoestring garlic fries or sweet potato fries.”

I ordered the Hangover Slopper and soda. Is this a pricey burger? Yes, at $21.75 this isn’t fast food. As I waited for my burger to arrive I took in the sights and sounds immediately outside Tom’s Urban at NYNY: the Sports Book area, and the throngs of people walking in from an outside entrance. Today was going to be a busy fun-filled day, and I knew I would need a big late breakfast to carry me through it. Lo and behold, the burger hath arriveth!

The Hangover Slopper

I didn’t know where to start; it became clear that this would be a knife and fork burger. Two fried eggs covered the top bun and a wonderful stew of flavors surrounded and soaked the bottom bun and part of the meat.

The Hangover Slopper

The beef itself was thick, not a smashed down slice of grease that I would experience the next day at Aria’s Burger Lounge (and I’m not even sure it’s worth writing about). I digress.

Back to the Hangover Slopper…there is something that I just love about a good filling meal that gives me energy for the day, and the Hangover Slopper checked all those boxes. The flavors, so many flavors, all worked perfectly together like teamwork. There was so much burger to this burger that I sent out this tweet:

As I got further into the burger, I set the rest of the top bun aside (after eating the fried eggs and everything on them, of course) so I could focus on the meat and the bottom bun with it’s surrounding flavors. I tried to pack in as much of this burger as possible and only finished about 3/4 of it. This burger is a burger through and through, and I dare to say….this is my new Vegas Must burger.

For a non-hangover burger, I still hold to the Gold Standard at Holstein’s, but for the hangover burger variety, this one has the one at Binion’s beat. The best thing about this burger is you can find it at any Tom’s Urban, not only the one in Las Vegas. However, I think I’ll save my future enjoyments of this burger solely for Las Vegas.

[Photos: Michael Movestro]

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  1. EnuffBull | June 19, 2017 at 7:51 am |

    Yay to more of your burger reviews, Michael!

    But the more important question that needed to be answered… did you earn the required “hangover” part in your burger recovery? :-)

    • Michael Movestro | June 19, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

      Hahaha! I was definitely dehydrated, that’s for sure! But I’m sure this burger helped stave off some of the ill effects I should have experienced later that day ;)

  2. I need this in my life … like right now. Lol

  3. After reading your post about the Gold Standard burger at Holstein’s awhile back I decided to try it out myself. I completely agree with you that it is an outstanding burger. Possibly the best in Vegas at the moment (that I know of). I’ve had that burger there three times now and it’s been consistently good each time. The dry aged beef gives the burger a richness of flavor that lets you know from the very first bite that this is very high quality beef. I’ve had burgers all over Vegas that were similarly priced, but weren’t anywhere near as good as this burger. Thanks so much for sharing your burger dining experiences with all of us!

    • Michael Movestro | June 19, 2017 at 4:31 pm |

      Thanks Glenn, Im always happy to share especially when it’s a good experience!

  4. Love toms urban. Food + beer menu + strip-side patio makes it a must do for lunch my past few LV trips.

  5. That looks intense even for me but oh so yummy

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