Checking-In: A Room Review of the Delano Scenic Suite

Delano Scenic Suite

BigAZMarty reviews the Delano Scenic Suite.

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here with a room review of the Delano Scenic Suite.

First off this was a short stay for only the first two nights of our almost week-long stay in Las Vegas. There were good and bad things about our stay at Delano so without further ado….here we go.

After basically having to go WTF at the front desk (we had checked in at 1:30 pm and they issued keys but no room number…they said they would text, but by 4:30 PM no text arrived (now remember their check-in is at 4 PM and we let another 30 minutes go by…so bitch session had to be engaged). We get our keys and head up to a room on 24th floor overlooking Luxor. Already my wife is not happy as we normally get a room early and can get to the pool to start the trip…well that didn’t happen, so she’s not happy.

We open the doors, and it’s a really nice room at first look. There is a half bath right at the front door, normal commode and sink setup.

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From the front door, you can look back through the room, and it’s the living room/bar area with a desk and a sectional. The bar has a Keurig at counter level and coffee kits at $5 a pop and the obligatory mini-fridge dedicated to paying for snacks/soda/water and of course alcohol. The TV is of good size (but mounted crooked), and the sectional is pretty comfortable. There is a full desk to the right of the TV, and while the chair for the desk was comfortable, the adjustment for the rocking motion was busted so it would just fall back if you leaned back. There are ports above the desk to connect to the TV as well as some charging USB ports (you bring the cable though). The floor to ceiling window is east facing so I had to keep the drapes closed as the sun hitting Luxor would reflect directly onto the TV screen from mid-morning to early afternoon. The art is interesting (shot underwater of a young couple hugging)…and, well… the room is very WHITE.

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We walk to the next attached room which is the bedroom, and this is very nice as the windows overlook Luxor and their pool desk to the north and the airport to the east. A TV hangs from the wall between the floor to ceiling windows in here as well. It also is VERY WHITE in here.

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And here is the second major issue…there is just a little freestanding cabinet that you can hang clothes in with one drawer at the bottom of it.

Delano Scenic Suite

The nightstands have no drawers. Even at two nights, my wife was just not happy with this setup. Now for the good stuff…the bed is really comfy, and the pillows were just fine (early reports had the pillows rock hard, but they’ve been changed out). Each nightstand lamp has a plug in it so you can charge in here as well if needed.

Off the bedroom is a really large master bathroom, dual sinks, a separate soaking tub and a full shower with the commode behind a door to the left. They even provide a glass scale so you can see how much you have gained or lost while on your trip. The soaking tub is on the scale of the Planet Hollywood deepness which is awesome. There is a small TV in here as well taking the TV count up to 3 for this Suite. The flooring in the shower and bathroom is marble so yes be very careful (especially if your wife has long hair and a lot of hair products applied during the shower) as it is super slick when wet.

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There are two sets of HVAC controls and we had to set the bedroom higher even though the shower/tub were right off of that as well. For some reason, the living room area just would not cool down as well, but the bedroom was just right. Both sets of rooms also have recessed lighting near the curtains but are controlled by a button/slider off the main light switches for each room. If you do the slider without the button in the on position it will do nothing. Room service is pretty much Della’s restaurant menu with some add on’s and the breakfast is really good, they have two breakfasts available 24 hours a day (3 ingredient omelet and an All American Breakfast if I remember).

If you are staying here, you need super comfy shoes; everything is a fairly long haul. Heading to the pool complex is a long haul as Delano is behind where the MJ One show is, almost at the Mandalay Shops, and pools are on the opposite side of the property. Also, the Delano Beach Club is well….meh 3 1/2 ft deep and small. But, go there as it’s just to the right of the entrance. And then, on the far corner of the Delano Beach Club pool is another gate that will take you to a much bigger pool area with a 4ft deep section and several hot tubs that are just big. I suggest it as we actually sat at the Delano Beach Club pool and didn’t discover these larger pools and hot tubs until we walked out that back gate on the way back to the room.

Oh, and there are some buttons at the front door that you can use to turn on to indicate that housekeeping is needed (but don’t expect it to be done fast. It took us a half hour of walking back and forth to the pool and we were at the pool for at least 2 hours and they still didn’t have the room done when we got back). Matter of fact, we turned the light off because we wanted to shower off the chlorine and hit the casino. We planned on turning it back on when we left again, but, nooooo….they rang the bell while my wife was in the shower and I was in the back and barely heard it before they walked in and yelled housekeeping.

Needless to say….if we stay and want to go to the pool we’d recommend using the regular Mandalay Bay tower as it goes right to the pool area via elevator…or even the Four Seasons up on top of Mandalay Bay. We were not all that impressed, and we were NOT COMP’d customers…we were paying for these services and rooms. Now an observation and a shocking event happened as well during the week we were there that makes us seriously rethink staying there again. One, this seems to have that “snooty” feel. While we did see families and kids going back and forth to the pool area, it was more trophy wives and business suits than I was used to. Second, there was a serious crime that happened the day after we left that we seriously looked at each other and thought at the same time…well no way are we staying there again. Read the story here…it may make next week’s news as well as it’s very disturbing.

We never made it up to Rivea or Skyfall as it was just too short of a time and we really are not bar-hoppers or the fanciest of eaters. We did have Della’s one day, and it’s good but expensive…glad we had some food comps for the stay to offset paying for the room.

Suggestions to MGM…fix the check-in desk…should never take 3 hours to get a room type ready as we checked in 30 minutes past your late check out time. Also, implement a centralized housekeeping system, the light should trigger to the central system and alert the housekeeper to have it done quickly. We use a different system at Caesars properties and only once had we come back, and housekeeping wasn’t done already (she was in the next room and hit ours next). I would also suggest a that a service gets people to and from the pool without having to hike through the smoky casino. I’d seen maintenance using modified golf carts at the pool area, and that would make a nice ride from front door to pool area.

So for you people that want to try it….you can and hopefully have a different experience. I was really disappointed in it. Pretty yes…but let down by housekeeping services, front desk customer service and thoughtfulness for pool access to the customers. Oh and put in more things with drawers and hanging space…I think anyone staying a week would be really upset with the lack of places to put their clothes.

[Photos and Cover: BigAZMarty]

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A computer professional who has worked at several types of positions with several different businesses and still learning and changing. Introduced properly to Las Vegas and Laughlin by the spouse and have been going ever since 1990. A frequent visitor from not to far away where it's almost always 10 degrees warmer than Vegas.

5 Comments on "Checking-In: A Room Review of the Delano Scenic Suite"

  1. Chris in Nashville | April 19, 2017 at 7:51 am |

    Great review! I’ve always been tempted to stay at Mandalay or THEHotel/Delano but it just seems soooooooo far away from everything else that I’ve never made it my hotel, but this makes it more tempting.
    I always think it is odd that there are scales in Vegas hotel rooms. I mean really, who has ever lost weight from a few days of pure gluttony? Viva!

  2. MWVegaslover | April 19, 2017 at 9:37 am |

    If you can get comped at Delano, it is a great place to stay. My favorite rooms in Vegas. I haven’t experienced the problems Marty stated, my third stay at Delano is soon- Early May.

    The only downside to Delano or Mandalay Bay is the location at the end of the strip. However they do have a free tram to Luxor – walk to Monte Carlo ( a little hike yes) and take the free tram to Bellagio – now you are in the heart of the strip, I usually do that at least once during my stay.
    The Delano also has the best bed and pillows, you will sleep well!

  3. I just got back from staying at Mandalay Bay. Stayed at Delano in fall of 2015. Overall, Delano was a nicer hotel and the service was superior to what I had at MB. I do completely agree about the pool situation. You literally have to walk through the casino in whatever you’re wearing to the pool (which for me was a T-shirt, trunks and flip-flops). At least Delano’s spa (BATHHOUSE) is in the Delano tower. Delano felt very much like an upgraded Mandalay Bay experience at the time. Delano Beach Club’s food menu is superior to MB’s, IMO.

    • BigAZMarty | April 21, 2017 at 8:29 pm |

      That was the one thing I completely forgot about…the Delano Pool Menu is much nicer than MB’s but my wife just had a Pepsi and it had little bugs floating in it even with the sealed lid cup and straw. And I didn’t react well to the berry smoothie they served either. A better amount of items doesn’t mean it’s good, know what I mean?

  4. I stayed at Mandalay Bay exactly 5 years ago this weekend for my wedding back when Delano was THE Hotel. Back then it seemed like THE Hotel was supposed to be super nice and fancy. After your review it appears that Mandalay Bay is much nicer! I can agree that if you are hitting a pool, Mandalay Bay is the place to stay.

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