Eye in the Sky: Resorts World Activity, Waterslide at Circus Circus

Taking a look at Resorts World and Circus Circus Construction Activity

One of our readers with a bird’s eye view on activity on the South Strip reached out to us to fill us in on what he’s been seeing. First off, Circus Circus announced their pool renovations which include a new waterslide. We blurbed about this in this SYMHM article. Long story short, the renovations will include a large deck, a water slide, and a restroom. Oh yes, and food trucks, gotta have food trucks by the pool. I wonder where that started. As you can see from our cover image, crews are making quick work, and with that, we can assume that things will be ready for the summer pool season.

Also, it appears we got some activity at Resorts World! There aren’t cranes yet, but, pre-crane operations are underway. Here’s what our eye in the sky, Sean at Sky LAs Vegas says “I live at Sky Las Vegas and I look down on Resorts World and there finally looks like some activity is finally starting. Trucks are finally going there every day setting up the workstations. That’s the most activity I have seen at Resorts World. It seems like something is about to begin.”

Resorts World and Circus Circus

We sure can hope. In addition to the photo, Shawn also sent me a video showing loads of construction workers heading into the main structure. It was said back in February that cranes would be on site in March, well it’s April. There appears to be a crane shortage due to increased construction activity around Las Vegas. As far as workers setting up shop at the RW structure,  I sure hope this is a good sign, at least they aren’t just pushing dirt around like they are at the All-Net Arena site.

[Photos: Sean at Sky Las Vegas]

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