Sh*t You May Have Missed While Avoiding Sexual Assault at Delano

It’s Sh*t You May Have Missed for the week ending: April 14th, 2017

Hey all BigAZMarty here, just returned from our favorite place, Las Vegas!!! Room Reviews and Trip Reports upcoming…but you’re here for the nitty gritty on Las Vegas, Baby!!!! So here we go!!!!

1. Don Rickles passed away last week; this is a significant loss for Las Vegas as he performed at least once a year in Las Vegas ever since 1959. LV Weekly has an excellent tribute to him here. So for some historical photos covering his Las Vegas “tours” Robin Leach at LVRJ has a picture gallery covering the “Prince of Insults.” Enjoy here. Condolences to his family from us at VegasBright as well….he was truly a comedic genius and will be missed.

2. Well, this is from last week but wasn’t reported sooo… at the Delano, an attempted kidnapping and sexual assault occurred, luckily the woman screamed loud enough for other guests to come help her and the man was captured near the Luxor. Read LVRJ here. I just have one question to MGM’s security…what the hell are you doing? A bazillion security cameras and you miss a guy going into the women’s bathroom? Kinda like you missed a bunch of guys with dark pants and hoodies and animal masks with sledgehammers at Bellagio a couple of weeks ago? I’d say someone’s processes and procedures are going to have to be heavily modified soon. MGM Security is now mimicking a known TV commercial where a Bank Security Guard is really just a Bank Security Monitor…am I right?

3. Silver Sevens was closed and some of the surrounding streets blocked off after finding a suspicious package was noticed near the casino cage. It was a cooler….but no one claimed it so who knew? Read LVRJ here. So no problem here, please move along.

4. This didn’t make last weeks cut off, so here we go…..Plaza’s Pickleball is a happening!!! Read LVRJ here, something different and fun to do up on the Plaza’s pool deck!!!!

5. Good Neighbor Services, well really isn’t. The company that provides luxury hotels and resorts a cleaning service hid about 800 employee’s information so they would not have to pay insurance and other tax items to the tune of $7M. Jail time has been assigned, read LVRJ here. Interesting that it was not just Las Vegas but Southern California as well. Guess those luxury hotels will now have a bigger bill for some “legal” workers soon.

6. The Wynn Resorts vs. Elaine Wynn feud is ever growing, now Wynn Resorts is saying Elaine Wynn had taken confidential information illegally and is seeking $15,000 read LVRJ here. Really? Only $15K, really could it be that bad if it’s just $15K? A slap on the wrist I say.

7. Is the beginning of the Resort Club re-purposing starting? MGM and Luxor is closing up the LAX nightclub and converting it to….wait for it….waaaaaaiiit…an eSports Arena!!! Read LVRJ here. Interesting thing included is a Production TV Studio as part of the re-do. It sounds like MGM is going to counter Caesars TV Production Facility at/near Bally’s as well.

8. TopGolf rejected for trying to get Live Music extended to later in the AM at night by County Commission per LVRJ here. MGP (MGM’s REIT arm) could just buy the Apartments and solve it for them, right?

9. Now for a more human downside to MGM’s grab for more of your parking $$$’s. Valet lots at 50% full and valets having to work two jobs to make up lost tips and hourly wages…perhaps they can tear those out and put in something else that all the other cities have and isn’t unique to Las Vegas. Read LVRJ here. Sorry Valet employees, this is just sad for everyone but the C-Suite’s bonus pool. Also crazy that MGM enforces a max pay for a forgotten/lost ticket. I better not lose my MLife card…ever.

10. LVSun has a 20 picture gallery of the MGM Grand Green Day concert see it here. I was there so it’s not new to me and it took about 2 days for the ringing to stop in my ears….but it’s a good thing. Still have no idea why the local alternative radio 107.5 said it was going to be Green Day with X last year and the beginning of this year. It was Against Me! as the opening act. I was bummed but heck Green Day got me out of that mood quickly. Oh, and the set list was shorter than in my hometown by about seven songs (30 minutes).

11. So I saw the Gamblit test tables at Planet Hollywood and I get the concept and the person manning the area from Gamblit answered the main question I had when hearing about the “grabbing a card” function on the middle of the table. It’s not you reaching out to the middle of the table and bringing back a bloody stump, it’s a Grab Button you push on your portion of the table…first one registered as a “Grab” wins the card. I didn’t play them as no one else was playing for like the first 2 days…then suddenly it caught on and you couldn’t get a seat. So here is the article from LVSun on what Gamblit saw as positive results on the test.

12. This is not Las Vegas, but interesting. In Saipan, there is a small temporary casino in a store front that has been making over $3B (yup a B as in Billion) a month until the big 140,000 Square Foot main casino opens. Human Smuggling, Money Laundering…all of it is being looked at…however it’s interesting that Imperial Pacific is a Hong Kong company that has a lot of former U.S. government people involved. Read Bloomberg here. Now think about this, Saipan is part of the US. I think in just 2 months this little casino has outdone all of Las Vegas, right? It’s crazy.

13. Las Vegas Weekly has a great gallery of the Great Vegas Beer Festival that happened at the World Market Center Pavillion here. Check out picture #25…cosplay of the Absinthe Fairy from Moulin Rouge? You betcha.

14. Robert Irvine’s new restaurant at the Trop has a name now, Robert Irvine’s Public House. There is framing in progress outside of the old Bagatelle area going into the parking lot area…not a lot mind you but some. Read LV Sun here. The gallery photos are of the Robert Irvine LIVE show at the Trop.

15. Downtown’s Nerd Nightclub had it’s soft opening, a little article via LV Weekly here. A much more detailed one by Vital Vegas here. Still, I think the staff’s schoolgirl outfits need the Anime colored wigs to really be NERD worthy.

16. LV Weekly has a preliminary look at the now open Kitchen at Atomic here. They promise a more detailed review in the future. Heck this prelim review is bigger than the Nerd Nightclub one they did. And of course EATER Vegas has a full review here.

17. The house that Britney built (AXIS Theater at PH) will at the end of the year no longer have Britney according to LV Weekly here. Also of note is Robin’s report here that she may not be out of a residency in Las Vegas, possibly moving to The Park Theater getting a bigger chunk of change to air sing for MGM. Or is it a Dr. Evil plan to get a bidding war started? You decide.

18. Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is happening at The Orleans this weekend, Robin has some of the info on the Pin-Up/Burlesque side of the show here. The rest of the show is old pre-1964 cars and music.

19. Robin has a great Wicked Whisper and Racy Rumor here, MGM is possibly looking to purchase The Cosmopolitan. Makes sense as they sold Crystals and the MGM REIT (MGP) needs more property to lease back to MGM. Cosmo was packed last week when I was there, the casino floor had excellent foot traffic that I’d not seen since it opened and was better than the foot traffic New Years weekend.

20. Caesars Acquisition’s CGPH is looking to refinance some of their long-term debt for The Cromwell. But better yet scroll down on this article and you’ll hit some Caesars’ nuggets of goodness like the new future company structure after the merger and where the former CEOC will fit back in, also great is the fact that Bally’s will be remodeling the big tower rooms and, unknown before now, the casino. Good stuff and interesting read from here.

21. Funny but also sad… VitalVegas has a report on the average faces of Las Vegas escorts here.

22. Either I’m blind or I just didn’t notice any change other than they’ve opened up the entrance to BuGR at Planet Hollywood. According to VitalVegas BuRG has had a name change to Gordon Ramsey Burger read here. It’s an entirely subtle change…my wife and I went by it multiple times and just really never noticed the sign changes (or maybe like my son says…when you getting new glasses Dad?).

23. MarC from EDGE Vegas has the Free Summer Concert list here for Downtown Las Vegas.

24. Aria Cafe is no longer a 24 hour cafe, at first glance this is a bad thing but they are expanding the hours for Burger Lounge and Jean Phillipe Patisserie (mmmm…Gelato extended hours). Read EATER Vegas here.

25. EATER Vegas has some updates on Park MGM updates in the restaurant area, a new two-story restaurant named Primrose will be opening as the conversion from Monte Carlo / Hotel32 continue to Park MGM/NoMad. Read here. All I can say is I hope they get some way to mitigate the dust pouring in during wind storms or Primrose will be called by a nickname, DustyRose.

26. Odd I swear they were still at Luxor.  Las Vegas Weekly showing Blue Man Group is now at the Venetian, details here….odd says since 2008 so maybe someone is re-running old show info off their page.  Yup has to be because the official Blue Man Group site has Luxor still see here.  Too funny I’d think it was staged if that was on LVRJ (owned by Sam Adelson), but it’s LV Sun’s stuff so odd.

27. Kats is reporting Clint Holmes is coming back to the Golden Nugget for residency there, read here. Oh and scroll to the bottom where he mentions that FINALLY something will be announced for the Paris Theater…a musical extravaganza I hope….could it be Moulin Rouge?  Who knows…stay tuned!!!!

28. LVRJ reporting that Art of Flavors downtown is closing, so another Gelato place closed. A Mexican dessert place will open soon. Read here.

29. We just missed this by 3 days, Paul McCartney was at Mirage’s Beatles LOVE, see Kats here.  I am guessing they will be focusing / updating LOVE to show more of the Sgt. Peppers theme for the 50th anniversary of it’s release.  No matter what they do my wife and I will see this again as it’s a LOT to take in for one sitting.  You will be guaranteed to miss something and have to see it again it’s just such a big production.

30. And finally, since this is Easter Weekend (last weekend of Spring Break) here is VegasSeven’s list of Pool/Day Club entertainment.

So that’s it for news around the webs for Las Vegas.

And now for our stuff and more, our Editor-In-Chief, Michael Movestro who also did a good job penning SYMHM last week again…nice work Michael!

Ah, thanks, BigAZMarty! Hey, peeps! Just a note that there will not be a Vegas Bright Podcast until April 30th, and it will be a trip report podcast! Now for the stories we brought you last week…

31. The week started off with the Vegas Bright Podcast Episode 33, where our “Vegas Gone By” segment featured the Stardust.

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34. Kelly Lamrock has a personal steakhouse showdown with BLT and Camelot.

35. Reader LasVegasJunkie shares his “Vegas Musts.”

36. And of course this article you’re reading right now, Sh*t You May Have Missed by BigAZMarty.

THat’s it for this week, and, if you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, check out our Vegas Must articles written by some of our readers, there’s lots of information and some really great ideas.

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