New Hotel (and unconfirmed casino) Rises on Golden Palm Site

Golden Palm

New Hotel, Possible New (small) Casino for Golden Palm Site

The site of the now demolished Golden Palm Casino has been a buzz, drill, and hammers of activity lately. Las Vegas has seen a surge in travel lodging construction lately, of which we reported on the Homes2 Suites project, Marriot Residence Inn, and Hilton Garden Inn amongst others. Our tipster paperposter popped by the old Golden Palm site to check on things and was surprised at what he found out. A new hotel/casino is going on the site. Whaaaaat? Well…–per the construction workers– a new hotel and a casino will be built on the site. There was no elaboration as to if the casino would be a stand-alone type like the Wild Wild West across the street or if it would be built into the property.

The interesting part is the project name on the construction sign:
Golden Palm
The original Golden Palm closed in 2007 and sat dormant until last year when it was finally demolished. Is it possibly a comeback Golden Palms Casino? Speculation abounds.
Golden Palm Golden Palm
What we know for certain is they are building a hotel, TownePlace Suites which is a Marriot brand. These Marriott, Residence Inns, etc are of great benefit to tourists due to the low room rates as compared to a stay on the strip. Not to mention with close proximity to T-Mobile arena, it benefits folks coming in to see a concert, without the worry of parking fees. Of course, brand new rooms go a long way, even if there isn’t a casino downstairs (though we prefer when there is). Based on other properties under construction, I would assume it to cap off at a four to five-story height. Paperposter will be keeping us up to date.
Golden Palm
Seriously, though, what’s the deal with Golden Palms being on the sign? The place they demolished was “Golden Palm” with no “S”. The demolition is over, they are in build-up mode…that sign (if it is left over from the demo phase) probably shouldn’t be there….or should it?
“Curiouser and curiouser!” as Sheldon Cooper would say.
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  1. BigAZMarty | March 30, 2017 at 7:14 pm |

    I still remember when it was a Howard Johnson’s complete with restaurant and it’s 30 flavors of ice cream!!! Did training in their conference room and leaking hydro-fluid smell in the elevators seeped in all day long. I didn’t stay there…I was at the brand new Orleans at the time.

  2. Ferry van Beek | April 2, 2017 at 2:38 am |

    I stayed here on my first ever trip to Las Vegas in 1988. The place was called the Tropicana Travelodge at that time and it had an IHOP attached to it. We were with a whole group attending the NAB. One of the guys that was with us ended up in Caesars Palace in a posh room with a round bed and mirrors above the bed. Unfortunately he had such bad eye sight that when he took his glasses off he could not see anything that was reflected by those mirrors ;-). In the years after this first visit I tried to locate the Tropican Travelodge but wasn’t able to find it. Until a couple of years ago when I stayed at the Hampton Inn across the road. All of a sudden there it was right in front of me! It was my first time in the USA and in Vegas. I’ve been coming back every year so I must have like it.

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