Sh*t You May Have Missed While You Were Stranded at the Airport

It’s Sh*t You May Have Missed for the week ending 3/17/2017

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here with this week’s news. After last week’s news marathon, it’s a light version this week as March Madness is about to start.

1. Criss Angel passed out while suspended upside down in a straightjacket for his MindFreak show at Luxor. Lucky for him he received medical care immediately (at the theater and transported to hospital) and was back performing the next night. Unlucky were the show goers who abruptly found the show canceled. Hopefully, Luxor did something for them. Read Katz here and Vital Vegas here.  He’s had issues with that trick before so it is challenging to him since he is spinning while upside down in the straight jacket.

2. LV Sun reports on what the estimated price MGM would pay to LVSands for their Bethlehem casino complex…$1.3B….read here. As nothing has been reported since I’m guessing that it’s still being negotiated, MGP would probably end up owning it and MGM leasing it from MGP to increase the rental cash flow and show it as a lease/rental expense to MGM.

3. Derek Stevens’ bets big in March Madness, LV Sun reports here.  When is the last time you’ve heard of a casino owner actually betting in a casino? Well, Derek does, and he seems to be able to hedge it enough not to lose much. An owner who believes in what he’s doing but interesting because he didn’t place the bet at his casino, right? He was at the VSIN studio at South Point when he placed the bets….hmmmm. Interesting thoughts here as that helps VSIN and Michael Gaughan’s South Point.

4. Speaking of Sports Books, Silverton’s was robbed yet again read LV Sun here. I have no idea why there is a sudden rash of inside the casino crime, but someone in security needs to pay attention a little more don’t you think? Are they not thinking of the customer’s safety at all anymore?

5. Interesting LVSun article here on what we already knew about Lucky Dragon adding in more VIP gaming upstairs and moving Pearl Ocean downstairs. What we never heard of before was this new Rolling Chip reward program….sounds interesting if you are a table player.

6. LVSun has a pretty complete list here of where to view March Madness in Las Vegas; it’s fairly huge and lots of links in case you are interested. On Strip/Downtown/Off Strip categories, really long list and fairly concise.

7. LVSun has an article here on how Blue Man Group is performing in a smaller venue (not that small used to be a full IMAX theater). I had no idea they’ve been in Las Vegas for almost 18 years now. Good to know they are still creating new things with the tighter view lines for the audience to love.

8. LVWeekly (via LVSun) here reports Westgate now has a 4-star rated spa via Park City, Serenity Spa is pampering clients now at Westgate.

9. LV Sun is reporting workers getting unionized at Palace Station, read here. With all the new upgrades and changes, this will probably be changing from a “local’s casino” to a just off the strip casino when all is completed with the construction.

10. LVSun reports here on the 2016 record tourism numbers and visitor spending….wow, over $800 per person per trip! Easy to do when you have resort fees, parking fees, and tight machines as well as over $1000 bottle service everywhere the Oontz is.

11. Golden Entertainment reports earnings here via LVRJ. Lots of money in Nevada Tavern business right?

12. The Gun Store is being sold after the owner files for personal bankruptcy read LVRJ here. All I can say is reality and marketing are slightly different, bikini girls shooting machine guns in the target range will just end up being scarred by all the hot shell casings being ejected. All we know is it’s up for sale by the court’s appointed receiver.

13. In the same vein as the robber assailant that was reported caught last week around Sunset Station, another one doing a similar robbery/assault at Sam’s Town has been caught. Read LVRJ here.  This is almost sounding like a new crime spree…similar but with way more danger to the old shoplifting crews in the 1980’s. I hope the lady has since recovered since she had serious injuries.

14. LVRJ reported something nice here, The D offered free Show Tickets to people stranded in town with canceled flights due to the blizzard recently. Nice work, Derek!

15. LVRJ columnist Kats here, goes bald for St. Baldrick’s fundraiser…and Melody Sweet’s goes Mohawk on him. Too much fun.

16. LVRJ’s Kats also reports on The Who summer residency at Caesars Palace for six shows here. Caesars Entertainment Marketing Department has already sent out the emails on this for Total Rewards members.

17. Robin via LVRJ has a whisper/racy rumor that Jon Gray may be returning to The Palms, read here. I wonder when the Maloof’s will rejoin? Up to Red Rock to pull that trigger.

18. If you are over 40 and male, you might relate to Vital Vegas’s article comparing a Las Vegas trip to a colonoscopy, read here. Funny read, if you are under 40, you will know soon enough, if you are over 40 enjoy and laugh.

19. Vegaseven giving you and inside look at 1Oak at the Mirage here. Usually, you don’t get a Club Tour that often where you can actually see real customers and servers, that’s a nice change.

20. Vegaseven is also reporting on Wet Republic’s 10 years in business here, man I still remember when that area was the MGM Amusement Park, and Vegas was trying to be family friendly (that didn’t work now did it?).

21. Vegaseven also has the weekend Oontz pool parties here.  I’m looking locally at over 90 and knowing Vegas is usually 5-10 degrees cooler…so those pools better be running heaters because pool temps here are still too low to swim in without heating.

22. For those of you in town on St Paddy’s day, Eater Vegas has 10 best Irish Pubs here.  #6 and #7 are common knowledge and fun even if not St. Paddy’s day.

23. Stiffs and Georges here reporting Lippo has pulled out of the South Korean partnership with Caesars Entertainment.  Caesars is looking to partner up with another company now that it owns all of it.  Next quarter will have a big hit on the bottom line now.

So that’s it for the light news week, so here with our stuff and other things, our Editor-In-Chief Michael Movestro!

Thank you, BigAZMarty! Do enjoy your working trip next week! Hey, folks! Here are the stories we brought you last week:

24. On Episode 29 of The Vegas Bright Podcast I decided to use my recent gallbladder surgery as a way to help others by discussing my surgery (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) and the recovery process. Hoping to ease the qualms from the B.S. that’s out there on the internet.

25. Blonde4ever reviewed Human Nature – Jukebox at the Venetian.

26. Michael James put some meat on his bones at Rollin’ Smoke BBQ.

27. Sammasseur took a flying leap for his Las Vegas birthday celebration at Sin City Skydiving.

28. Paperposter Pics: Construction builds up at Wynn Shopping Plaza site.

29. And of course this article, you’re reading right now.

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you next week starting with the Vegas Bright Podcast sometime on Sunday.

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