Stadium Baccarat Rolls in to Rio Las Vegas

Stadium Baccarat

The Rio opens its floor to Stadium Baccarat

Stadium Baccarat, the electronic hybrid of regular unplugged Baccarat and what it would be like if played through a slot machine, is now available at the Rio. As each player’s decisions do not affect the hands of other players, there’s no worrying about getting the stink-eye from seasoned Baccarat players, so there’s that. But still, the Stadium Gaming phenomenon looks like it is here to stay, and RIO is quite pleased. Here’s some of the PR speak:

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is proud to introduce a new generation of electronic table game.  Stadium Baccarat combines the excitement of a live dealer with the ease of electronic betting, and offers players a customized experience and the ability to play multiple hands concurrently.  With a player-friendly interface and easy betting options, you can play at your own pace with the opportunity to win big!

WIN BIG! Something like that. I’m always leery of computer-based versions of card games, because, programming, and house edge. Though I do love video poker, sometimes I’m leery of that as well. Wait, this isn’t an article about being leery of shit so let me get back to the point.

Our tipster paperposter was visiting RIO and got us these pics.

The chairs are set up in rowed circles; each chair has a video screen to place your bets, and deal your cards. If you’re curious as to the rules of Baccarat, Jeff Civilico does a mighty fine job of explaining how to play Baccarat (in less than four minutes) in this video:

After watching the video, you can practice at Wizard of Odds over here (though there seems to be a bug where wagers aren’t counted, no biggie if you’re just learning to get the hang of it. The game is really simple to play. Stadium Baccarat at the RIO has a $5 minimum bet every hour of every day; you can play four games at the same time including Macau style Baccarat. If you’ve played Stadium Baccarat before, hit us up in the comments, we’d love to hear about your experience.

[Photos: Paperposter]

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  1. BigAZMarty | March 7, 2017 at 7:13 pm |

    Wow…I was right there on a Sunday a little more than a week ago and absolutely had no idea what that was as the main screen and player screens weren’t operational yet (I incorrectly assumed it was some sort of stadium blackjack they were setting up). If it becomes popular they can bury it in the back since that part of the casino is still deader than a door nail on Sunday afternoon. Bring back the Masquerade In The Sky as well and watch the people start to show up there again..Wife just picked the wrong progressive machine while we were there as the only other person on the entire bank (not me I was at 100 play) hit the Royal Flush back near the free show stage.

  2. So i do not gamble, hubs dabbles a lil. Thanks SO much for the video. It looks REALLY fun and easy

  3. When you say “including Macau style Baccarat” what do you mean. Usually (emphasis on “usually”) “Macau Style” means you can face the cards (high player hand faces, and high banker hand faces). Is there some other prop or special game they are calling “Macau style” on these machines?

    • Michael Movestro | March 9, 2017 at 7:04 am |

      The site was not specific as to the exact rules, Michael. It’s a bullet point when you click PR speak.

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