Boyd’s Young at Heart Promotion Has Heartbreaking New Rules- UPDATE

Young at Heart

Boyd’s Young at Heart promotion is now for locals only…

UPDATE! Apparently writing letters does work! Multiple sources are saying that Boyd has decided to return to the original rules. Their websites may not be updated yet. Read here.

Much to the consternation of the mature Vegas tourist, Boyd’s properties have chosen to begin restricting the benefits of their Young at Heart senior days to Vegas locals only.

As of March 1, 2017, the Young at Heart promo is only applicable to those in 890 and 891 zip code.

Young at Heart

We’re keeping their graphic honest

The Orleans, Gold Coast, Suncoast, and Sam’s Town rules are here in PDF. Here’s point 2 from the PDF:

Participants must be B Connected members, must be local residents with an 890 or 891 zip code address and must be at least fifty (50) years of age for all portions of this promotion, except the 4:30pm drawing at the following participating properties: The Orleans, Gold Coast and Suncoast. Age qualified B Connected members from any zip code may earn entries and participate in the drawing. B Connected membership is free and available at the B Connected Club.

The Fremont, the California, and Main Street Station rules are here with similar wording as above.

Participants must be B Connected members and must be at least fifty (50) years of age. B Connected membership is free and available at the B Connected Club. Participants at the California, Main Street Station and Fremont must be local residents with an 890 or 891 zip code address.

Sadly Boyd properties have also chosen to apply these rules to their Point Multiplier days. Many loyal Boyd customers are disappointed, to say the least, and have written to their favorite casinos to express their displeasure.

The Young at Heart and Point Multiplier days are what drew many Vegas tourists to their properties, and it seems foolhardy for the “powers that be” to act as if only local patrons matter to them. Casino customers will return to a place that they feel values them; just the opposite will happen if they feel unappreciated.

Hopefully, if enough of us email them and call to complain, they will reconsider these new rules.

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20 Comments on "Boyd’s Young at Heart Promotion Has Heartbreaking New Rules- UPDATE"

  1. Do Vegas casino CEOs have a bet on who can drive away the most customers?

  2. carol mcgregor | March 6, 2017 at 6:59 am |

    Live in Canada & visit Boyd exclusively (Sapphire for years). Sent an email to them to voice my opinion on excluding promotions for non-locals.

  3. I also experienced an end to comp room offers at the Orleans and Sam’s Town in spite of the same amount of play. I’ve been getting two free nights at the Orleans for years. Time for Laughlin. Time for Mesquite on the way to Bryce Canyon. I’m must tired of all the cutbacks for frugal travelers.

  4. Well that kind of sucks. I’m in California and visit Vegas 3-4 times a year. For the first time, we checked out Sam’s Town on our last visit and really enjoyed it. We are (were?) actually thinking about staying there next time.. I also just turned 50 last year and I’m totally taking advantage of point multipliers for the 50+ crowd. I wonder if they’ll peal off my “young at heart” sticker off my players card next time I visit?

  5. Roberta Lennie | March 6, 2017 at 11:54 am |

    I am Emerald and play mostly at MSS. They have also reduced the offers starting in June. I feel a personal letter addressed to management will be most effective. Do you have or know how to get the name of someone to address a letter to?

  6. Georgina M Sears | March 6, 2017 at 6:13 pm |

    My husband and I have been Bconnected members for many years and we always stay and play at Boyd properties. We were shocked and dismayed to find that visitors to Vegas have been eliminated from the Multiplier Days and Young at Heart specials. I feel like we’ve been stabbed in the back and we will seriously consider playing elsewhere from now on. Shame on Boyd for making us feel unwanted.

  7. Narsfweasels | March 6, 2017 at 10:53 pm |

    As an under-50, this doesn’t affect me. But this general nickel-and-diming seems to be so prevalent in Vegas that it’s putting me off: I’ve only been twice and I loved it. Yet just since last year, prices at the Mirage have gone up to a minimum of $100 a night, whereas I got an average of $85 in July ’16. The Monte Carlo was fantastic, but with the lack of a pool I have to find somewhere else – which they basically told me after I said I can’t walk to the MGM grand just to go read a book and relax. Caesar’s seems intent on squeezing patrons for everything, and now Downtown as well?

    • Yes…the busier and more popular Vegas gets, the more they seem to nickel and dime us to death.

      • Is it wrong for me to hope Vegas attendance falls to drive down prices?

        • Narsfweasels | March 7, 2017 at 7:58 pm |

          In a way, I agree. But then, I think that they would raise prices to make up for falling revenues, I don’t feel that they see the long-term picture.

      • Narsfweasels | March 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm |

        You would hope that the busier it gets, the lower the prices to encourage repeat business. There’s a local bar in Shanghai where they are constantly plying me with free Martinis because they know I’ll always bring a crowd.

  8. Word on Trip Advisor is this has been backtracked after a backlash. Can we get an update, please?

    • That is what I am hearing too, but they haven’t updated the rules on their website yet. But more than one person have received emails saying they are going back to the original rules.

  9. @RJ and Narsf: it’s busy because people have money to spend. I don’t know of many successful businesses that lower the prices to encourage repeat business when they are busy. That seems like a profit minimizing strategy. Expect lower prices during the next recession or a Tuesday in August when it’s 117 degrees.

    I’m glad the policy did not change after all. I have already planned my 50th birthday party for a Wednesday in June 2022 at the Orleans slot tournament.

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