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10 Comments on "Trip Report: CorgiMom’s Last Minute February 2017 Trip"

  1. Chris in Nashville | February 23, 2017 at 7:40 am |

    Fun article and sounds like a great trip. I discovered Amorino on my last trip and will make it a Vegas Must. That place is great.

  2. I saw Willie on Saturday night and also was surprised to see the show start on time. The show ended about 80 minutes later. No encore or Blue Eyes for my show. I think it might’ve had something to do with him cancelling shows earlier due to being sick. Still it was a great show for the cost of a $72.50 ticket. I thought the $50 price tag for his t-shirts was too much. Only 3 people stopped to look as I walked by.

    • Chris in Nashville | February 23, 2017 at 11:45 am |

      $50 for a tee? What is the world coming to? I still have my INXS KICK tour shirt from 88 that I got for $10. :)

  3. Awesome report! No “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain,” ? Aw that is sad..that is my favorite. I have never spotted that chandelier at the GN..I must look for it! So beautiful!

  4. Awesome trip report. Haven’t heard a report about some of those stops. Once more jealous that I am not there!

  5. I dunno what VP game you play but they do have some full pay 25 cent machines right in the front of Cromwell. One line only but they are by far the best game in the center of the strip. You will know you have found them when you see they only pay 1 TC for every $50 coin in.

    They have a lot of different game options on them, too, and the drink service was great when I played at them (probably because the casino is tiny and there aren’t all that many players in there most of the time)

  6. nice report! Blue Eyes.. is my favorite as well. I also love the Elvis version.

  7. Paul – Yes, I played those Cromwell machines for an hour every day of our trip. They aren’t full pay for Deuces but they are 97% NSUD, which is the best you can find on the strip. Still, no luck there, although my money lasted a good while. I didn’t make it over to Palms, which supposedly has FPDW since they are part of Stations.
    Blonde – you and I should meet up in Vegas sometime!

  8. Great trip report. Felt like I was there. Thanks for the plug for Carnonita!!! Adding to my list for May. Hash is always packed. It’s one of my favs.The fish looks quite yummy.

  9. FYI I passed by an Amorino in NY on 8th ave in the theater district no time to stop but only know of this place from this blog. Come to find out after looking at the site NY has 4 locations… who knew Actually they have a ton of locations around the world.

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