A Look at Hooters Newly Renovated Rooms

Hooters Renovated Rooms

George Addams reviews Hooters renovated rooms, shares casino updates.

Hooters Casino Hotel has been promising to renovate their rooms, casino, and pool for years. If the website Vegas Chatter still existed, I could show you an article I wrote on this topic almost two years ago. But now the long awaited changes have finally happened.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to stay in one of the renovated Hooters rooms. It was comped due to my excessive gambling, and not due to my much-famed blogging experience. I’ve been a fan of Hooters Casino and Hotel for years. I’ve stayed there occasionally since they first took on the Hooters theme. I like Hooters’ fun vibe on the casino floor, and the ease of chicken wing comps. But alas, the rooms had grown a bit…. (okay, a lot)…. tired looking. So I was excited to hear that I would be among the first to stay in one of their renovated rooms.

I’m told by top executives at Hooters Casino (not just by some random bartender) that all of the rooms in the Bay tower have been renovated, and that the top third or so of the Ocean Tower have also been renovated. The remainder of the rooms in the Ocean Tower should be completed by the end of the year. The rooms in the Bungalow buildings have been gutted.

So what has been improved in the rooms? The hallways (cover image) and the rooms now look a lot more classy, with new carpeting and paint. Perhaps the best improvement is the new more comfy Serta pillow top mattresses.

Hooters Renovated Rooms Hooters Renovated Rooms

The art of the rooms, which used to be Hooters-themed, now is more modern and less interesting. New table and chairs go for the mid 20th-century retro modern look. The flat screen televisions appeared to be new. The bathroom had a very nice shower head, with multiple settings. I was delighted to see a Keurig coffee maker in the room.

Hooters Renovated Rooms Hooters Renovated Rooms

Some things in the room did not appear to have been improved. The bathrooms otherwise appeared to be the same, with basic sink and tub. The heating and air conditioning unit appeared to be the same wall type unit installed decades ago.

Hooters Renovated Rooms

I’m told that the pool area, which was recently renovated, is not completed. A lighted waterfall feature will be installed this summer.

I also learned that Paragon Gaming took over the management of the casino in October. They also manage the casino at the Westgate. Changes on the casino floor that I noted was the addition of a $1 blackjack table, and some rearrangement of the layout of the table game pits.

So, in summary, the rooms at Hooters have been given a much needed cosmetic upgrade but did not receive major augmentation surgery. As I consider a room in Vegas just to be a place to sleep it off until the next day, it appears to be just fine. So I await to see what changes they will bring to the casino and pool experience.

[Photos: George Addams]

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  1. Chris in Nashville | January 9, 2017 at 7:27 am |

    Looks nice. The last time I stayed here it was the, gulp, San Remo. (Did I just admit that?)

  2. oh my goodness. I took my bro in law and his wife for the first time in about 15-20 years and he said I use to stay across from the mgm. he said it called san remo I said WHAT??? never heard of it. had to show him Chris’ comment to tell him someone else stayed at san remo. rooms look good. got take out here and the elevator was scary in the parking lot.

  3. I’ve always wanted to stay at Hooters while in Vegas on a “Guy’s trip”. I will check them out as an option for the next jaunt down there.

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