Sh*t You May Have Missed While Looking for MGM’s Sigma Derby (it’s at Level UP)

It’s our first Sh*t of the year! Sh*t You May Have Missed for the week ending: 1/6/2017

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here all up and raring to go for the 2017 year at hand, while we were on writing hiatus Las Vegas still had some goings on so without further adieu here we go:

1. Ceasars CEOC bankruptcy is looking to get a clear shot via all majority parties to exit bankruptcy; this still does not count the US Trustee watchdog with the US Justice Department, though. Now if they could just work on those Maintenance Issues (read below). Read here.

2. Caesars had some major snafu’s over the holiday vacation in Las Vegas, first was a minor fire in the Rio in the tall Masquerade Tower (from an overflowing sink no less that got into the electrical conduit) that ended up having all the guests evacuated and then relocated for the busy New Years Eve celebrations. Read LV Sun here as I still don’t think they have it all open just yet…I heard they are slowly opening floor by floor as the repairs and testing continue. I think I heard 11 floors are open now, yup, LVRJ here.

3. Caesars 2nd holiday miscue was a gas leak at the Linq Promenade that caused five restaurants to close up during the week between Christmas and New Years until fixed. Read LV Sun here. I guess my wife and I timed that just right as on the 29th we ate at Virgil’s BBQ.

4. MGM has ended “Locals Park Free” just in time for the New Year’s Celebrations. Read LV Sun here.

5. MGM gets some East Coast warnings from Motley Fool, read here. It seems that there are some concerns around east coast gaming being successful in the investing world. I suppose they will write up on Wynn soon as well.

6. SLS has scored two new executives to replace the loss of Scott Kreeger. Both from Aliante so Boyd will be doing some hiring as well soon. Read LVRJ here. Figuring that Aliante was successful in that North Las Vegas market almost to the edge of the desert, they may have better luck with the skeleton’s surrounding the SLS (old Wet N Wild empty site, Fontainebleau, MGM Festival Grounds). At least Lucky Dragon is finally open to give it something close by in case customers want to explore a little. With W Hotel open in SLS and two new executives that know the locals market, this bodes well for getting more traffic in there. I hope they succeed.

7. This is really good news: the IRS is dropping the proposal to lower the reportable gambling income to $600. So have at it, it’s all good until you hit at or above $1200 still. Read LVRJ here. Oh by the way….you are supposed to report all winnings and counter them by losses via a Win/Loss statement that is usually available to slot club members. Those reports are usually how my wife and I pick what future properties to continue to play at.

8. After the failed attempts to get a new start for Moulin Rouge at the historic site, the existing property owners/investors are looking to cash out, read LVRJ here. I’m assuming they will parcel it out to get maximum returns on their investment. If you want to revive Moulin Rouge, do it on one of the empty parcels on the strip or downtown; let Baz design the theme with architects and have the show nightly in the main theater with a multi-racial and LBGT friendly cast as well. I could see Absinthe also moving there as well, right?

9. LVRJ is reporting that 2016 should beat out the 2015 record attendance record, so visitation numbers are looking good. Read here.

10. After many comments about the Fontainebleau, I found out that Laughlin has a similar one that has been idle for almost 30 years. Read about the failed Emerald River resort here. I’ve seen this and always wondered what it was for as there is literally nothing but cement and rebar towers and ‘stay out’ signs on the property. I’d find the owner(s) and get that golf course re-opened and push that course to every Laughlin casino especially Harrah’s which is closest and/or offer a Bullhead City water taxi for golfers from across the river for free with paid green fee’s (purchased before they get on the boat). Use the proceeds to take out the towers and build a nice Country Club there with a nice marina.

11. MGM’s Mandalay Bay now has union security; I’ve not seen these people ever, so they are very hidden and nondescript which makes them very good at being unnoticeable. Read LVRJ here.

12. Oh yeah…New Years Eve fireworks galleries: LV Sun here and here, plus LVRJ here, here and Robin here. I can say, personally, it was a very good show, and for the first time in 26 years, it wasn’t rained out (yup, we’ve had really bad luck for the NY fireworks).

Our Greg C got this footage from across the tarmac at McCarran airport:

13. Paved paradise and put up a parking lot? Yup, LVCA announced a new Diamond Parking Lot on the old Riviera site, read LV Sun here. Only in Las Vegas. I am betting with all the new paid parking you will see a big expansion of 3rd party parking garages that charge slightly less than the resorts do as well.

14. CES is ongoing, and there are several outlets streaming or reporting info, Engadget is one here, The Verge is another here, and Gizmodo is here.

15. Eater Vegas has a newer report and more photos of the Linq’s In-N-Out progress here. Interesting on what the Company Store carries.

16. Eater Vegas also reports on the Milk Bar at Cosmo (it was packed, and the line was too long for us on our visit to really see it). Read here.

Milk Bar

17. Eater Vegas is reporting that LevelUP bar is open now at MGM Grand (that was fast) and has a pretty good gallery of it. Read and view here. It looks kinda empty if you ask me. Also, Sigma Derby has been moved over to Level Up.

18. Open call for auditions for Americas Got Talent at Bally’s Las Vegas here on Jan 19th. I heard about it on the LV local TV but never could find the link, thanks to Las Vegas Advisor for that.

19. Stiffs and Georges is back to work; he had some medical issues but nothing much LV to report except he likes Vital Vegas’s prognostications for 2017…so do I (see #20).

20. Vital Vegas has it’s 2017 prognostications here. Some fun, some OMFG I hope that never happens in my lifetime.

21. Vital Vegas is reporting Serendipity 3 is now closed at Caesars Palace and that a new Gordon Ramsey eatery is coming soon, read here. Boy, that corner is now devoid of ice cream/gelato except for the Turkish Ice Cream at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s. Sheesh. Maybe I will get a vending license and park a Dot’s Ice Cream or Good Humor pedal stand at the Bellagio Fountains. HeXX should show an increase in their Ice Cream sandwiches sales as well due to this.

22. Vital Vegas is reporting the new El Cortez casino bar is freshly renewed and open but not named Imbibe as earlier reported. Read here. I like Ike, don’t you?

23. Vital Vegas also has a story on the Dorsey Lounge that opened in the old Bourbon Room space at the Venetian. Read here.

24. Oh yeah NORM CLARKE is back!! Read Norm’s Vegas Diary here.

So that’s the bigger stories from the webs for our favorite place!

Here to showcase our news is our editor-in-chief Michael Movestro!

Thanks, BigAzMarty and welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous New Year in Vegas! Hey, peeps! This Sunday I will be dusting off the microphone and returning to the podcast realm so be sure to catch a new episode this Sunday. Now for the stories we brought you last week!

25. Blonde4ever gets a “Vegas Suitcase” for Christmas. Trust me, a suitcase with four wheels really is magical.

Suitcase for Christmas

26. Vegas Bright writers and contributors share their Vegas Wishes for 2017.

27. I say farewell to Palio Pronto, which will be replaced by another fucking Starbucks.

Palio Pronto Closes

28. Gennadius grabs a quick bite at Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House.

29. BigAzMarty Checks-In to a Planet Hollywood Strip View Suite.

Planet Hollywood Strip View Suite

That’s the stories for this week, we’ll see you next week!

[Photos: Level Up, Michael Movestro, BLonde4ever, BigAzMarty | Video: Greg C]

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  1. Chris in Nashville | January 9, 2017 at 7:25 am |

    Point #6 – When I was in town a month ago, I went to the SLS solely because of the Lucky Dragon. I got off of the monorail and went to SLS for a while before the short walk over to see the new Lucky Dragon. SLS is cool, intimate and still feels really new. I hope it is a success and I wish those gentlemen much luck there.

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