Our Vegas Wishes for 2017

Vegas Wishes

Vegas Bright writers and contributors share their Vegas Wishes for 2017.

We’ve asked our writers and contributors for their Vegas Wishes of 2017.

Keep It Coming, Vegas! Next year, I hope for all the things that keep Vegas interesting and unique. I want Vegas to keep me on my toes with openings, closings and the constant change that sparks my interest. As long as the lights stay bright, I’ll be there! -Michele Di Palma

That Lucky Dragon is a success which breeds more success for new places to open which are not owned by the big two corporations, MGM and Caesars. -Fisherman

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

Some good runs in poker (a cash in my first WSOP would be great), a hot roll in craps, and maybe some more 3:2 blackjack on the strip. -Matty Ice

I hope to see a Toronto Maple Leaf versus Vegas Golden Knights game! -Blonde4ever

Alon, Resorts World, Fontainebleau that north side of the strip needs some love…c’mon guys pick up the pace!  Alon owners could sell that parcel back to Ruffin or Wynn for expansion (Wynn or Trump expansions) and buy Fontainebleau and finish it. Would be a good money pivot….Packer was involved in that property at one time. -BigAzMarty

I’d like to see Vegas return to its rightful place as the City of Entertainment. With twenty-six show closures in 2016, performers no longer see Vegas as the primary destination for their talents and skills. I’d also like to see the abolishment of resort fees, paid parking and other extortions that have driven many Vegas visitors (including myself) away. -Sammasseur

May Genting Group prove me wrong and actually BUILD something on the Resorts World site. Give me something to take some construction photos of, and finally start creating all those jobs you’ve promised…..and promised…..   and promised…. -Greg C

That there is a meet-up of my favorite Vegas authors or podcasters on a schedule where I am already in Las Vegas. I would personally shake everybody’s hand and tell each one what an honor it is to meet them, and to express that all the various Vegas websites, message boards, podcasts and blogs that I patronize give me hours and hours of weekly enjoyment, and that those people are the fuel that keeps stoking my Vegas fire. But since that won’t happen, I will now take the time to thank all of those who provide content for me to consume, and offer that my secondary wish is that nothing changes unless it is for the better. And to those that read my musings on Vegas Bright, thank you too! -Michael James

As always, wishes for all of us to be able to make a few trips, and to have some good times, good food, and good luck while we are all out there! -Gennadius

I hope the corner suites realize that monetizing space can’t just be a formula. Without unique, creative experiences at the centre of the space, endlessly leasing room to chain stores will never be as lucrative as you want. -Kelly Lamrock

Small night clubs, more about the music! I’d like casinos to stop being so damn tight with our comps and their stupid comp drink tickets from the bar. -paperposter

If I had one wish this holiday season, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands in a spirit of peace and harmony. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. My Vegas wish for 2017 is for construction projects to finally take flight and bring us a North Strip to be proud of, filling in those sandy lots of land with good ole’ Vegasy casino goodness. Also, for the things that I love to not close, that would be great! -Michael Movestro

What are your Vegas Wishes for 2017? Tell us in the comments!

[Photos: Greg C, Patrick B]

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Michael Movestro founded Vegas Bright to continue the tradition when Vegas Chatter cashed out. Michael pays the bills, maintains the site, writes articles, hosts the Vegas Untz podcast.

4 Comments on "Our Vegas Wishes for 2017"

  1. Cathryn Carter | January 2, 2017 at 1:02 pm |

    Hurrah to Kelly and Sam!

  2. Although only a pipe dream, I’d like to see Las Vegas return a bit to its roots and remember that people have to feel that Vegas is a unique experience. When they add the resort fees, parking fees and any other version of extorting money from people without providing any tangible value, then things will only get worse for Vegas, not better. They an put whatever spin they want on why they’re charging these fees, but I have friends that refuse to return to Vegas – and there’s a lot of them. If they’re saying it and not going, then you know it has to be true everywhere….

  3. I agree with the wish that Fontainbleau come on line and add a new large venue.

    Beyond that, I hope that Downtown remains fun, that the horrendous downgrades in table games end, and that the FTC forces hotels to include resort fees in the quoted rate.

  4. Hilarious hahahha If I had one wish this holiday season, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands in a spirit of peace and harmony

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