Lights on at Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

Greg C captures the night-time lights of Lucky Dragon Las Vegas…

Our photographer Greg C has been on the prowl watching the progress over at The Lucky Dragon, scheduled to open December 3rd. I’ll be in town that day, so Greg and I are gonna be taking pics and posting them via the VB twitter and FB page.

Greg C captured this video Saturday night:

And here’s a couple of pics:

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

As for the appearance of the lit-up Lucky Dragon exterior, in my opinion, it’s…eh…kinda “meh.” If I were driving by the Lucky Dragon and didn’t know what Lucky Dragon is, I would assume it’s a beefed-up restaurant. Watch the video, are those insect legs? Is it supposed to be lightning? I’m not sure what they’re going for, but Greg C and I are assuming (and admittedly, hoping) that the signage and lighting aren’t quite done yet. We’re hoping for a red neon frame.

If you’re out of the loop on the Lucky Dragon thing, no worries. Here’s a refresher on Lucky Dragon (and the world’s longest sentence, ever) from their website:

“Features of the property include a nine-story hotel with 204 rooms, of which 24 are suites; 27,500 square feet of casino space with an emphasis on table games including Baccarat and Pai Gow as well as slots, a high limit gaming area known as the Emerald Room and a luxurious VIP gaming parlor; a pool designed to create an oasis garden escape for hotel guests; a spa with four treatment rooms including reflexology and acupuncture; an indoor-outdoor Tea Garden featuring an extensive list of tea curated by Las Vegas’ only tea sommelier; five Asian-inspired restaurant concepts; and staff and signage to accommodate guests from throughout Asia as well as English-speaking guests.”

Wasn’t that a mouthful? Back in August, I covered the dining options of Lucky Dragon Las Vegas…because, food. You might want to check that out if you plan to be in town and have a hankering for authentic Asian cuisine in a place that has that new casino smell.

If you want to get a little peek of part of the inside, the Las Vegas Sun has this video of the dragon chandelier being constructed.

You can also see a few table games and slots. I would have loved if the cameras panned around, but hey, what can ya do? You can find our previous coverage of Lucky Dragon here.

[Photos, Video, Cover: Greg Chandelierlier footage: Las Vegas Sun]

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  1. Where is the Dragon located Mike?

  2. Chris in Nashville | November 14, 2016 at 12:28 pm |

    Hoping to go and check it out when I am in town on business December 7 & 8. I am far from their target audience (read Caucasian southern boy) so it will be interesting to check out and see just how different it is.

  3. like wow! this does not look too exciting for a new casino in vegas. are you sure it is not some kind of late night carry-out joint? or maybe an overgrown Fotomat turned casino. or a Fotomat turned Chinese carry-out joint. oh well, I wish them luck!

  4. Drove past it tonight; lights are as advertised, but not very special — the Bonanza (World’s Largest) Gift Shop next door caught my eye first. If you pull into Allure’s semicircular driveway, you can get a sneak peak of what appears to be a bicycle-themed Lucky Dragon eatery … but don’t piss off Allure’s security/valet folks.

  5. ^^ probably should have typed “sneak peek”

  6. Bummer it is opening the day after I leave. Guess I will check it out when I go make end of March. Any chance they would open a few days earlier? :-)

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