Eve of Implosion II: Riviera’s Remaining Towers Come Down Tonight

Greg C gets some final photos of the Riviera’s remaining towers…

The final implosion(s) of the Riviera happen late tonight/early tomorrow at 2 am. The Monte Carlo Tower and the South Tower will be coming down in explosive fashion. Here’s a look at some very recent shots.

The charges are set

The CDI (Controlled Demolition, Inc.) guys are on site — the first  pic shows two guys setting charges on the MC tower:

Riviera's remaining towers

This second pic shows the steel beams supporting the front façade—with square boxes affixed to the steel I-beams. Those square wood boxes will have plastic explosive charges set in them to cut the supports (not dynamite as with more common concrete columns). This blast should be quite loud as charges set around open steel beams are not muffled by concrete.

Riviera's remaining towers

This third pic is a rare angle I have never been able to shoot of the Monte Carlo tower. This rear view with Circus Circus was blocked by the (imploded) Monaco tower. Seeing this was kind of cool–and a limited opportunity photo-shoot!

Riviera's remaining towers

This fourth pic I liked with the South Tower and the classic Circus Circus marquee:

Riviera's remaining towers

More pictures from late last week and yesterday:

The Monte Carlo tower is see-thru now….   really gutted down to a shell.

They were removing the white RIVIERA logo letters from the glass facade while I was down there. These show a couple of the Riv letters set in the back of a truck….the other is a close up of the facade where they were pulled from:

Riviera Implosion Riviera Implosion

Whether they will be used for scrap or preservation, I don’t know. Hopefully, they’ll go to the Neon Museum.

[Photos: Greg C]

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  1. Does anyone know of any live streams where I can watch here in England?

  2. Our local news affiliates will likely be providing live video….. you can check out their websites……Channel 8 KLAS TV…….Channel 3 KSNV TV ……and Channel 13 KTNV TV…… We will, of course , be there to shoot video which will be posted the next day…….

  3. Thank you.

  4. Last time it was all over Facebook and a few different news station

  5. 2am PDT?

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