Vegas Bright Podcast Episode 12: My June Vegas Trip, Vegas The Show, Line Douchebaggery

Vegas Bright Podcast

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It’s the Vegas Bright Podcast Episode 12!

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On this episode:

  • Discussing my June Vegas Trip | Dupars Pancakes | Meeting folks | Line Douchebaggery
  • A Review on Vegas The Show which doubles on the Vegas History Segment because it contained more about Vegas History than I had expected
  • Vegas News Around The Web
  • Vegas Bright: Last Week in Review
podcast episode 12

Five sexy temptresses

All that and more on Episode 12 of the Vegas Bright Podcast!

The Vegas Bright Podcast is not a replacement for our website, just an extension of it. It contains the occasional F-bomb, which is why we use the explicit rating.

About the Author

Michael Movestro
Michael Movestro founded Vegas Bright to continue the tradition when Vegas Chatter cashed out. Michael pays the bills, maintains the site, writes articles, hosts the Vegas Untz podcast.

10 Comments on "Vegas Bright Podcast Episode 12: My June Vegas Trip, Vegas The Show, Line Douchebaggery"

  1. Great show this week!!!
    I have always ignored Vegas, The Show too…but now I want to go!!!

  2. note to self…don’t listen to these podcasts when you are hungry.

  3. Loved this episode. On the VP – keeping the aces is the smartest move, since your odds of getting more money to keep trying for the royal are better. However, if I’m playing a progressive and it is getting way up there, I have been known to hold the various royal cards a few times, just to try to hit it. It actually worked once – at South Point, back when it was South Coast. Deuces Wild VP progressive. Held ace of diamonds and the rest filled in for $1400 and change.Sucker play, I know, but still a nice hit.

    • Michael Movestro | June 29, 2016 at 2:42 pm |

      Thanks Tammy! That’s a nice win! Sometimes if I don’t hold the cards two vrious royal crds I worry that I might miss one and feel like an idiot, haha.

  4. I would certainly enjoy a “Douchebaggery” category for all of the authors to report D-Bag interactions.

  5. Blonde4Ever – Do you get the feeling that MM doesn’t read our articles about DuPars? He started talking about the 5-stacker and the side of meat and I am yelling at my car windshield “WHY DID YOU DO THAT??? YOU’LL NEVER FINISH IT! MUST HAVE COST CLOSE TO $20!!!”.

    • Michael Movestro | June 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm |

      Of course I read the articles, it’s part of editing. I was ordering out of hunger, not logic :)

  6. John Murphy | July 2, 2016 at 4:04 am |

    I loved hearing the trip report, especially Vegas The Show which sounds like a future must see for me. Hold the Aces. I couldn’t finish a DuPar’s short stack, and I felt like I needed to lay down on a couch for a few hours afterward. That closeup pancake picture makes me want more though.

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