Photos: One Last Look at Riviera’s Monaco Tower, Implosion Hours Away

Implosion Clock Ticks Down

Tonight is the Eve of Implosion for The Riviera’s Monaco Tower…

With the implosion of the Riviera scheduled for Tuesday morning at 2:00 AM, this is the last day that the Monaco tower will stand/ The tower is the first of two towers to be imploded. Here are some final shots.

Greg C’s photos of the Monaco Tower, late last week

The Riviera’s Sign is Dismantled

Implosion Clock Ticks Down

Clauss Construction shows drone footage of sign being dismantled

Sammasseur takes one last photo


Greg C’s Video Preservation of the Riviera’s Neon glory.

[Images: Greg C, Sammasseur, Clauss Construction, | Video: Greg C]

As time ticks down on the final tower of The Riviera to be imploded. We’d like to use that time to share your stories. Email us your favorite memories from The Riviera, and please pass this on to anyone you know with fond memories of the Riv who may want to share them. Whether it was a wedding, meeting someone, great gambling, drunken debauchery, a honeymoon, a show…whatever it was. Please send in about three paragraphs (pics appreciated if possible) telling your/their story by dropping us an email with the subject “Memories of The Riviera”.

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  1. I will still miss the place. I enjoyed my stay there. Their parting gift to me was $2985.00 on a $12.00 ticket. Thanks for the memories.

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