Sky High Versailles: Westgate’s Villas Part 2

“Themes may be a bygone era in Vegas as a whole, but they live on atop Westgate” – Greg C.


Wordless sighs…that’s a typical reaction to the trio of Sky Villas that rest above the Westgate Las Vegas tower. Resting like a crown atop the existing 29 floors, they are brimming with opulence and European style. Ornate, sprawling, and bordering on gaudy, the Tuscany, Versailles and Verona Sky Suites are the epitome of Las Vegas excess.

Our Greg C. returned for the second day of shooting at Westgate (part one is here) and was once again hosted by Special Events Coordinator Scotty Jones. Having been up there myself, I can assure you that very few things can prepare you for the extravagance…but a fancy-schmancy elevator embellished with artwork, mirrors, and a padded throne…er, bench, certainly helps.

“This suite was called the “Conrad” until recently……IMO the switch to “Versailles” was a good one– the old name was at odds with the classy “Verona” and “Tuscany”…. Conrad sounded a bit too “Joe 6-pack” to my ears…. wonder how they ever picked it.” – Greg C.


Stepping through the rotunda and into the Versailles Suite, one might expect a choir of angels to be singing overhead. This three-bedroom accommodation spreads out over 12,600 square feet.


High-rollers with concern for personal safety (and privacy) can bring their own “goons” to man the elevator rotunda’s security station. Bodyguards aren’t included in the villa’s rental rates, which start at $6,000.00 per night…and a three-night minimum.




Impressive columns, hand-carved furniture, domed ceilings and plenty of genuine gold accents over a peaches-and-cream palette make it easy for you to pretend that you’re in a French castle.


“Versailles does have plenty of decadent appeals. I could easily picture Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette living here if they got yanked into the 21st century. I almost expected to see servants in powdered wigs and pantaloons walking around in the suite…..those wall-sized paintings (and ceilings) really emphasize the theme.” – Greg C.



After a workout in the private exercise facility, guests can relax at an intimate dipping pool situated within the grand courtyard.

Suite7 - pool

The two-story Versailles Suite has three bedrooms that can be accessed by a spiral staircase that rises 30 feet….or a dedicated elevator that is hidden behind an inconspicuous door.

Suite8 - elevator

Luxury abounds in the multiple bedrooms, with mural-covered walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.


This particular bedroom not only has the modern touch of a flat screen television at the foot of the bed, but also a terrace that opens onto this magnificent view.

Turnberry Place

“That open balcony – talk about the ultimate place to watch a sunset. You have a panoramic view of the Strip and mountains up there…a better view than many places, as Westgate is set back away from the Strip and allows you to really catch in the sights.” Greg C.

View atop Westgate

“The upper-level balcony is well-concealed. You have to move back the drapes at one end of the windows to reveal the catches where the window swings out to allow access to the open deck. You can look down on the private pool area.” –  Greg C.

Deck area

Pool looking down from deck

What happens in Vegas might stay here, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be witnessed by somebody with a well-positioned telescope.






Guests won’t have to go far to relax in a marble whirlpool bath, which also comes with a view.


It may seem strange to use the word “small” in reference to the Versailles Suite, but it is the smallest sky villa at Westgate. The massive three-bedroom Verona Suite tops out at 15,400 square feet.

Greg hasn’t made arrangements to tour the Verona at this point, but if you happen to be a high roller in Westgate’s Player Club and have scored access to it recently, send us your photos, and you might see them here.

In the meantime, we’ll be sitting at the penny slots…playing small and dreaming of living large.

[Photos: Greg C.]


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  1. OMG..LOVE these ornate rooms! Go find more of them! lol

  2. Note to Greg: The suite was named Conrad in honor of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels.

    • Ahhhh……. I asked my Westgate tour guide, but he did not know. Thanks for that bit of trivia!

      • Hilton actually uses his name a LOT. They put a copy of his book in every room about how he built the Hilton hotel chain (at least they used to) and they just introduced a line of luxury hotels called Conrad. Doesn’t hurt, I guess, that the Hilton family still runs the biz.

        • Since this hotel is now owned by Westgate, they probably do not feel obligated to retain too much of the Hilton-era tradition. They do, however, really like emphasizing the Elvis glory days….

  3. yoyoseven | May 10, 2016 at 9:13 am |

    Conrad would be Conrad Hilton. Certainly no Joe six-pack. More like a Joe billion-pack at his death in 1979.

  4. Too Liberace for my taste. I guess I like more contemporary. If this is 6k a night how much is a newer suite on the strip? Can’t even imagine.

  5. David Maldonado | May 11, 2016 at 8:24 am |

    If you want to see video footage of the 15,000+ sq ft room, go to YouTube and watch the “Louis Theroux Gambling in Las Vegas” documentary. The villa is impressive!

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