Roads Being Paved at The Park

The Park is helping to pave the way.

More work at The Park /T-Mobile Arena as the road is being paved between NYNY and Monte Carlo.

With opening day just 3 weeks away it’s time to pay attention to the smaller details, and that’s what construction crews have been up to. Besides a re-pavement, a divider is being installed as well. This very road will help funnel vehicular traffic to and from the arena. Our tipster paperposter got the pics:

The Park

The Park

Big story? No, but if you’re like me, you like knowing all the details, even the lesser-noticed ones. Sometimes it’s those things that make us feel even closer to the city we love. I’m not just an Editor, I’m also a tourist.

[Images: Paperposter] 

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  1. Love all the updates. Sadly wont make my annual trip this year. I’m being forced to go to a destination wedding. cant wait to c it next year.

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