New Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn to Erect by T-Mobile Arena

Hilton Garden Inn

The former 702 Gun Range location (since moved) will be seeing some construction work. Hilton Garden Inn / Homewood Suites will start construction of an off-strip hotel by Dean Martin Drive.

Hilton Garden Inn

Our tipster paperposter got the shots and the scoop.

This used to be a gun range, but Hilton has owned the land for years. Now that the new arena is opening, they’re building a Hilton Garden Inn on it. I think it’s a great idea, it’s walkable to the new arena. The new hotel location is Dean Martin Drive off of Tomkins. If they don’t charge resort fees or parking, it will be a home run as M life will gauge their customers.

Hilton Garden Inn

Pape goes on:

You can see from the pic where the arena is, from where the hotel will be. It’s a 10-minute walk to the new arena or less. Near IN-N-OUT Burger.

Hilton Garden Inn

Nice work, Paperposter!

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12 Comments on "New Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn to Erect by T-Mobile Arena"

  1. Hello there..Just an FYI.. The old “The Range 702” is off of Tompkin Ave at 4699 Dean Martin which is a 10 minute walk to Tropicana ave. So unless they build a bridge crossing the 15 freeway at Park Ave its a 20-30 minute walk. I think Days Inn will benefit more as it is literally a 10 minute walk. Either way both will profit. I’m assuming NYNY, Monte Carlo(or whatever its new name will be) & Excaliber will raise their rates.

    • Thanks for the correction, Tony! It IS Tompkins, I fixed the article. I wonder if they’ll re-open that intersection on Tompkins to extend across to the side by the arena. I would think they wouldn’t want all the parking/people traffic entering and leaving from the same place.

      • juan valdez | March 8, 2016 at 2:24 pm |

        there using frank sintra drive and the strip to get cars in and out. its will be one cluster fuck, as off now theres no entrance on trop.and it doesnt look like there will be looks there funneling most cars to the new excalibur parking area

    • juan valdez | March 8, 2016 at 2:19 pm |

      to walk from were there building this to the arena is only 10 minutes i do it all the time you walk from dean martin to trop over highway , the entrance to the arena is right there. days inn is just a little closer but not really as its on trop but 2 blocks back furthur from dean mmartin.

      • Either way.. Good call for Hilton…That close is awesome..I’m sure during events the strip hotels will dramatically spike..Regardless of the walk,I’d stay there. Exercise is good. The area is shite but if the price is good..Just don’t rob or steel my car bitch….

  2. OH BTW…. Love the podcast.. I like that I can download it..Tell your friend at Vital Vegas to do the same. I downloaded and watched at work as I am by myself and have down time.. Awesome Sauce

  3. Do we know when this is going to begin?

  4. thanks juan I appreciate

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