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Planet Hollywood

Late last year, into early this year, Planet Hollywood has been running a pair of promos that may have flown (mostly) under the radar.

The first is a slot promotion that happens on Fridays each week. This one is designed to give players an opportunity to win a bonus reward every so often for sitting and playing their slot machines. The bonus is paid out in Reel Rewards, with $3000 total being handed out over nine award periods, starting at 4 pm and going every half hour until 8 pm. The rewards are scheduled so that they start with a low value, and end with a grand prize of $1000. Reel Rewards are Total Rewards’ free slot play currency, they cannot directly be cashed out and must be played through a machine.

The actual handout that describes the phat cash rules

The actual handout that describes the phat cash rules

One entry is granted for simply registering to participate in the promotion. This can be done at the Total Rewards desk, the PH promotions desk, or by talking to one of the phat cash girls. There are usually about two of them, very pretty, and wearing gold sparkling dresses. They are responsible for handling player registration, as well as bringing players the good news when they win.

Make sure your Total Rewards card is being used in order to participate

Make sure your Total Rewards card is being used in order to participate

Additional entries can be earned by accumulating tier credits during the specified promotion time, with every 25 giving an additional entry. At each specified time, an entry will be drawn, and the system will be checked to see if that player is currently sitting at a machine and actively playing. If the criteria is met, the girls will go out and give the winning player the good news, as well as their bonus Reel Rewards. If things are going well, it is possible that a player is getting paid to be sitting there, waiting for their entry to be drawn, and the Reel Rewards are simply an added touch to a good session.

Some of the wonderful desserts at the Spice Market Buffet

Some of the wonderful desserts at the Spice Market Buffet

The second promo has been written up in summary before by our wonderful Editor in Chief in the Play For A Buffet At RIO and PH article. For PH and the Spice Market Buffet, at least, this promotion has continued into the beginning of this year. To recap, if a player earns 50 tier credits at Planet Hollywood during a given gambling day, they are eligible for a comped buffet.

I have taken advantage of this promo during my last few trips, and I have found it to be a very good deal. First, it is simply a benefit that is being granted for play that I would have been doing anyway. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not advocating that it is a good idea to earn the tier credits simply to get the buffet comped, but if one is going to be playing anyway, may as well take advantage. Additionally, there are many other ways to earn tier credits at PH during the day. Any money spent at PH owned retail will generate tier credits as well, this should include restaurants, purchasing tickets for shows at PH, and bars and lounges in PH proper.

All those ways to earn, combined with the fact that Spice Market Buffet is really quite good, with a high level of quality and a very diverse selection of cuisine, makes it a no-brainer to take advantage of the offer if you qualify. To claim the comp, you may simply have the Total Rewards desk check your account, or you can swipe your player’s card at one of the kiosks next to the Total Rewards desk. I have found the kiosks to be a bit flaky sometimes, so if you want to hit up the TR desk, make sure to get there before they close, which is usually around 10 PM or so. This is important because the comp must be claimed during the same day it was earned (6 am to 6 am I believe). Once earned, there is a bit of flexibility as it is valid for the next two days. I’m not positive, but it is possible that the comps can be used for other people, as long as the earner is present and is the one redeeming the comps.

Next time you are in Las Vegas, stop by PH and see if these promos are still ongoing. If they are, go ahead and take advantage of them if you are going to be earning some tier credits on the property anyway.

UPDATE: After originally writing this article, I was able to confirm that the phat cash promotion is still going on. It has been a long time tradition at PH, and does not appear to be going away any time soon. Additionally, the buffet promotion is still going on as well, however it has now been expanded to include some of the other Caesars properties. You can now earn your tier credits good for the promotion at any of the Vegas properties, and the comp can be redeemed at Spice Market Buffet (PH), Le Village Buffet (Paris), Flavors The Buffet (Harrah’s), Paradise Garden Buffet (Flamingo), and Carnival World & Seafood Buffet (Rio).

Thank you for dining at Spice Market, and for reading about these promos

Thank you for dining at Spice Market, and for reading about these promos

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A former VegasChatter contributor, gennadius is a regular visitor to the Las Vegas area. Some areas of interest include aviation, sports (gambling, watching, participating), blackjack, craps, and science fiction. When in Vegas, gennadius can be found looking for good food, spending time at the clubs, hanging out at the tables, and watching games with friends.

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  1. Got that right….I should have never gambled my entire bank roll to earn the “free buffet”. Ha, man is CET slots tight!! :-(

  2. how much $$ would it take to earn the 50 tier credits??

    • I replied to your question on the main comment thread. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the response!

  3. I know it took me a while getting killed on $1 slots. I’d say $100-$150 minimum.

  4. It varies really. For slot play, it’s 1 tier credit for every $5 in play, or 1 tier credit for every $10 in play for video poker, so from that perspective it can be pretty high. For table games, it will depend on what your average bet is, but for a quarter player, it is probably around 1.5 hours at the table. Poker, for the 1/2 NL level, is 3 hours I believe.

    As I noted in the article, there are other ways to earn the tier credits that don’t involve gambling. Things like hotel spend (spa, pool, room), restaurant spend at places that are owned by the property or participating in the program (like BurGR and Earl of Sandwich at PH), and retail outlets that are owned by the property or participating in the program (gift shops, etc…). These earn at 1 Tier Credit for every $1 spent.

    Hope that helps!

  5. thx for the info. i don’t normally plat at CET properties, but it sounds like a good offer if u were going to be gambling anyway. better than getting nothing for your play.

    • Yeah, that is true. It should be stressed that the reward credits that you are earning are also still yours. This promo doesn’t spend any of your reward credits or impact any rating or comps that you may be accumulating with the gambling or spending that you are already doing. So it literally is just an added bonus if you are spending time on Caesars properties anyway.

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