The Best Vegas Bargains

Best Bargains
We asked our writers and contributors for their opinions on the best Vegas bargains they found in 2015. No options were given to ensure the response we received were written freely. Here’s what they had to say…

We realise that “Best” is subjective. We see it all the time on various forums where people ask what is the best hotel, or best show or best place to gamble and the result is always different. With that in mind, here’s our Best Vegas Bargains.

The Best Vegas Bargains

The food downtown. Places like the Market Street Cafe at The Cal keep me coming back for more. Great food at low prices

Rental cars. With a little diligence and preplanning, rental cars can be had for about $30 a day, which is the cost of a cab ride or two. Then you have the freedom to get off the beaten path and find more bargains in dining and gambling conditions.


Divas the show! Totally best bang for your buck!

Best Vegas Bargains

Tix4Tonight – If you suddenly have no plans for the evening and want to catch a show, Tix4Tonight has decent last minute price deals. It’s a good way to catch some entertainment at a fairer price than you would pay at the box office on the same night. Although they advertise half-price tickets, it’s really more like one-third off after their markup. Still a good last minute deal, though. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget 1 dollar Michelob’s at Casino Royale!

Half price buffet at Silver 7’s for all, Half price food at SLS and the Hard Rock. On the strip: happy hour, there’s tons of happy hour deals.

Best Bargains

Mondays Dark at Vinyl (Hard Rock Hotel) A $20-per-ticket monthly variety show that raises $10,000 for a different local charity. Now entering its third year, Mondays Dark promises to make the world a better place for “Twenty bucks, 90 minutes at a time”. The potluck collection of performances is always fun, spontaneous, and packed to the brim with Vegas headliners, familiar faces, and new talent.


People Watching – I always feel that one of the best bargains on a trip to Vegas is the actual people watching. This can vary tremendously each time, depending on what type of crowd is in Vegas at the time, and it can cost as little as you want it to. The other great part is that you can participate in this activity almost anywhere, and it will often provide varied entertainment that you would not get anywhere else.

[Images: Silver Sevens, Youtube, Divas Las Vegas]

You heard from us, let’s hear from you. We know that ‘Best’ is subjective, so tell us what you feel the Best Bargains in Vegas are in the comments.

10 Comments on "The Best Vegas Bargains"

  1. No mention of Hotel Rooms prices?

    In Vegas you can stay in any of several of the World’s Best Hotels for what you’d pay for a run of the mill chain hotel in New York, London, Paris etc. (That’s before you even consider ‘free’ or discounted rates for Players Card holders)

  2. Station Casinos seem to offer some of the best buffet prices for just a standard buffet. Gold Coast and Orleans offer good prices as well. The single best deal for seniors at Orleans is on Wednesday where just a small bit of gambling gets a free lunch and a free supper. The Nite Kings, free for a drink in the lounge, offer some wonderful music.

  3. Rental cars may be a sore spot considering the new parking fees at MGM resorts :-(

  4. I stayed at the Casino Royale last year because of the no resort fee and the hubs and I really loved it. It’s no Mirage or Trop but for what it’s worth it was great.

  5. Tony Crawford | January 30, 2016 at 10:00 am |

    A good deal online: e-bay store: vegas4locals. You don’t have to be a local to purchase the listings. Great deals, I have used them many, many times.

  6. I second the happy hour comment from paperposter…the strip has some absurd prices on food and bev, and you really do have to look for some of those.

    Grimaldi’s in the mall in Palazzo charges shockingly normal prices for their food, I end up there most trips.

    Casino Royale $1 beers have to be on any best deals in Vegas list.

    I second the room rates comment as well – the quality of something like Aria for its cost is world class.

    Of course it’s cheaper off the strip for everything else so that’s your best bet for cost.

  7. The 777 Brewery at Main Street Station has got to be one of the best deals in town. 1.50 pints of their delicious micro brews and great food! Everything from wings to sushi. I always make a trip while I’m in town. You can also get the beers comped at the casino bars and on the floor. MSS has the best video poker pay tables in vegas as well. Cheers!

  8. what a great topic to get started. and the café at the Cal is a good one. I miss the dining bargains of Vegas that were so common 15-20 years ago. I am a night owl and I miss the late night breakfast specials that were in almost every casino. these days it is hard to find a GOOD buffet under $20. most of the good deals now require a coupon.
    some people may be to proud to use coupons, I am not, but what I don’t like is that the coupons are usually 2 for 1 and I am usually solo when I am in Vegas. I will check back soon to see what has been added, as always the info is appreciated.

  9. What about Ellis Island for the cheap food and made on site draft beer!

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