Planet Hollywood – What You See Upon Arrival

Mural of the original PH façade inside the Diamond Registration Room

On my trips to Vegas, I usually stay at Planet Hollywood. It has a great atmosphere, usually keeps a high-energy vibe, and is centrally located in terms of being able to easily get to other places on The Strip. With this article, I’ll try to give a view of some of the first things a person experiences as they arrive at PH and then get up to their room. It will hopefully be the start of a small series covering the experience and features of the resort and casino.

Planet Hollywood’s lobby does a good job of setting the tone for what a person should expect from the hotel in general. Upon entering, music is playing at a level that can be heard–yet doesn’t overpower–and it is usually something that makes people feel like dancing or partying. The look is modern, with clean lines, pushing towards glitzy in some respects, to evoke that Hollywood feel.

The bright lights guide your way up and down the escalator, as well as glitzing up the lobby

The bright lights guide your way up and down the escalator, as well as glitzing up the lobby

To the right is an escalator that looks like it is set up for glamor shots, and that is exactly what it is used for in movies and, in PH promotions material. This escalator leads up to the casino floor, and one can usually find people taking pictures around it. Additionally, one can find a lobby level Starbucks, as well as the concierge desk.

The glitter and glam feeling starts immediately as one enters the lobby

The glitter and glam feeling starts immediately as one enters the lobby

To the left, there is a fairly extensive hotel store, which contains a lot of PH themed materials as well as your traditional gift shop and convenience store types of items, as well as an “experiences” desk that is used for promos and other tours.

A sign right as you enter directs you to all the important parts of the lobby

A sign right as you enter directs you to all the important parts of the lobby

Past all of those items, on either end of the lobby, are the North and South elevator banks. The front desk is directly ahead and runs most of the length of the lobby. The majority of it is used for general check-in and check-out. However, there are a few stations on the right-hand side that are dedicated to access for Total Rewards Platinum guests to expedite them.

I have seen the lobby absolutely packed during busy times, and the hotel does a good job of organizing the lines and making sure that the front desk is staffed at a level such that wait times are manageable.

The entrance to the PH Diamond Registration Lounge

The entrance to the PH Diamond Registration Lounge

Much like most of the Caesars properties, PH maintains a separate registration lounge for Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Stars members. This sits off to the right of the front desk, behind the glitzy casino escalator. This makes it a bit of a challenge sometimes in terms of navigating the rest of the traffic within the lobby to get to it, but the overall distance isn’t bad, so a small price to pay for the benefits that the dedicated registration area provides.

The Diamond Desk

The Diamond Desk

Inside the lounge, VIP representatives are present to help check you in, put you in contact with a casino host if needed, get you some water, and otherwise help figure out what else they can do to help your stay start off on the right foot. If there happens to be a short line, there is a nice seating area available along with TVs that are usually tuned to a sporting event if there is one going on, in order to make the time pass a bit more smoothly.

Sometimes casino hosts are available at desks in the registration area, in case you need to talk directly with one. And, depending on the day, there are sometimes other treats and favors that are made available to customers within the diamond registration area. These can include small gifts, candy, and even champagne served to you by a waiter.

Champagne station in the registration area

Champagne station in the registration area

Once checked in, the next step is to head to the elevators and make it up to your room. There are two banks of elevators, one on the north and the other on the south. Each of these is broken into two sub-banks, one serving up to floor 23, and the other 24 and up. On the lobby and casino levels, the elevator doors were previously Peepshow themed, and now each of them contains a larger than life-size Britney Spears.

View as one enters into the PH Resort Room

View as one enters into the PH Resort Room

The room I usually have is on they call a “Resort” room, at 585 square feet, it is about 135 square feet bigger than the standard “Hollywood Hip” rooms. Like the regular rooms, it can come in either a 1 king or 2 queens configuration. There are always two lounge chairs that flank a central table that contains memorabilia related to the movie that themes the entire room. The bathroom additionally has two sinks, split on either side, in an area that is larger than those in the smaller rooms.

The view of one side of the Resort room bathroom

The view of one side of the Resort room bathroom

All rooms in Planet Hollywood contain a desk and an office chair for use as a workstation, a 42 inch TV with remote, iron and ironing board, in-room safe, multi-use armoire, and a few dressers and other cubby type space. The rooms also have Wi-Fi access, which is good for 2 devices per 24 hours as part of the resort fee (if you are charged that). Otherwise, it runs about $15 per day. Additionally, all the rooms have a shower as well as a hot tub. While the hot tub is a nice touch, it definitely contributes to the bathrooms taking up a larger proportion of the floor space within the PH rooms compared to other hotels.

Toilet with its own door, and the separate hot tub and shower

Toilet with its own door, and the separate hot tub and shower

The current rooms are all themed around a movie, but as I found out on my trip in November to attend the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, PH is currently in the process of updating their rooms. At that time, it had already been done on portions of the top three floors, and was moving its way down. The reason I was given was primarily that the movies were becoming increasingly out of date, since there was no program in place to update them thematically. The update will make the rooms much more sleek and modern in terms of appearance, still keeping in line with the overall PH theme of glamour and glitz, and will better represent that PH is considered in the top tier of Caesars properties within Las Vegas.

These rooms are currently being termed “Ultra Hip” at the base levels, and other than the renovations, it appears that they will all come standard with a coffee maker as well as a mini-refrigerator. Both those items were previously available for rooms, but typically had to be requested. As of my most recent trip last week, it appears that at least the coffee maker has started to make its way into all of the rooms. The rooms appear to be bookable on the Planet Hollywood site, although I have not tried to do it myself, so I can’t say for certain if they are actually available.

The view from the fountain facing rooms are nice, especially in the shifting twilight hours

The view from the fountain facing rooms are nice, especially in the shifting twilight hours

The theme of the room I had back in November was “A League of Their Own”, and a few pictures of the memorabilia can be seen in the gallery below. With the upcoming renovations, perhaps one of the articles in this series will cover some of the themes and memorabilia that I have seen in my various stays in the different rooms. That way others can see them if they are not able to make it to Planet Hollywood before they are all renovated out of existence. For now though, hopefully this article gives you a good overview of what you will encounter upon arrival if you decide to stay at Planet Hollywood.

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A former VegasChatter contributor, gennadius is a regular visitor to the Las Vegas area. Some areas of interest include aviation, sports (gambling, watching, participating), blackjack, craps, and science fiction. When in Vegas, gennadius can be found looking for good food, spending time at the clubs, hanging out at the tables, and watching games with friends.

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  1. This is awesome. Thank you. Never stayed. Only Tropicana 2x, Mirage, Casino Royale and Wyndham. Reviews look pretty good on tripadvisor as well. I like that casino and all it has to offer. May have to give it a whirl one day.

  2. Why did you mention if you’re charged a resort fee? isn’t everyone unless your staying at TI and book the tv rate?

    • Definitely check it out if you get a chance. PH is a good experience.

      I mention the resort fees because whether or not they are applied depends on how you book your stay. If you book through a host or rewards program, it may not be part of the rate. Additionally, if the fees are part of your rate, they can also be waived by status with a rewards program (Diamond or higher within Total Rewards), or comped off by a host.

      Hope that helps!

      • Ahhh. Got it. Thanks so much. In regards to host, those are the folks that take of the big wigs who are in premier status correct

        • One can have a host, even if you aren’t a “whale”. Or, if you don’t want to to have a personal host, you can always request to speak to a casino host by contacting the front desk and asking them to put you in touch with one or set up a meeting with one.

  3. thanks so much

  4. Big fan of Planet Hollywood…if only their pool were a little nicer, I’d place it in one of the “best on strip”! IMO

    • The pool is definitely a weakness for the property. They are looking to address it I believe. The priority a few years ago was the facade and the initial customer encounter areas. Now it seems to be the rooms and the casino/sportsbook. Last year they did add the wave riding station, I would hazard that more improvements will be made going forward.

  5. pool . they added a wave pool last year , didnt go over well

    • This is incorrect. They didn’t change any of their pools. The addition was a stand-alone item that got hauled up to the pool deck by a crane that was sitting on Las Vegas Blvd.. It is one of those flow rider machines that simulates surfing and board sports. From what I have seen and heard, it was actually very well received.

      • thats what i ment wave machine a know it didnt go over well,wave pool call it what you want , it didnt do much for the place.

        • No, it isn’t a wave machine. It has nothing to do with the pool at all. The FlowRider is the only one on The Strip. For certain, it doesn’t fix their pools, they need to do more work there. It did serve as a well received attraction in and of itself, however.

  6. This is such a great article. I love PH. Stayed there once and loved the vibe.

    If the pool wasn’t so horrid, I’d go back.

    • is it really that bad. what’s wrong with it?

      • Not so much bad as smaller/older. It hasn’t really been renovated since it was Aladdin. It looks like that when they added the flow rider, they also updated some of the facilities. They added a pool bar, 21 new poolside cabanas with air conditioning, TVs, daybeds, and safes. They also added retractable shades and a poolside cafe.

        As I mentioned in a previous comment, I bet they aren’t done there, but I don’t know anything definitive in terms of plans at the moment.

        For me, the overall location and experience at PH overshadows the pool situation, but that clearly will vary by person depending on what their priorities are for their stay!

        • I’m not a pool person I rather the day parties but if the price is right I may give this place a try.

  7. Peachiekeehn | January 22, 2016 at 8:36 am |

    Great article thanks. We love Planet Hollywood and stay there 3 or 4 times a year. Just to let you know, when we were there over New Years, our Son was given one of the new Ultra Hip rooms on the 38th floor. They told him he would be the first to stay in that particular room. All I can say is Wow! they are way nicer and everything in them is brand new and bright! Even the hallways are really bright now. We were in a strip suite and I was jealous :)

    • Thanks for the note. Will remember this for next time. But if they start 10 bucks parking fee I may have to stay else where

      • Jackie, so far Caesars properties are not charging the parking fee, so if you have a chance, check it out now. :-)

    • I had heard the same thing, but thanks for sharing regarding your personal feedback about the renovated room that your son was in. The way it was described to me by the people I talked to with the hotel made it seem like that would be the case, really trying to make it fit more in line with the sleek and ultra-modern look that the other common areas of the hotel and the Miracle Mile shops try to push for.

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