MGM’s The Park and LV Arena: Construction Progress Update

UPDATE: the LV Arena is now named, officially, T-Mobile Arena.

Greg C has been popping in on some of the strip’s most active construction zones. This week he sent us new pictures of the progress at MGM’s The Park and the LV Arena.

Arena with parking lot

Arena with parking lot

Arena facing Monte Carlo

Arena facing Monte Carlo

Here’s what Greg C had to say:

Parking lot starting to take shape. Modifications being made to the NYNY parking garage–a new ramp being added on the west side out of the arena parking lot. Also an escalator is being added on the side facing Monte Carlo. Clearly, NYNY is going to take a big brunt of the traffic on event nights.

MGM's The Park and LV Arena Escalator


MGM's The Park and LV Arena Ramp to NY NY

Ramp to NY NY

MGM's The Park and LV Arena New structure

New structure

Oh yeah….Check out those metal sculpture things in front of the arena—seem familiar? They’re right out of Rock-N-Rio. I guess MGM got a quantity discount on those as they are the same things.- Greg C

MGM's The Park and LV Arena

Rock-N-Rio structures

The Park and Las Vegas Arena will have a joint opening April 6th of this year.

[Photos: Greg C]

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  1. this is going to be great. love seeing the new construction. the linq is amazing and this will be as well. I barely remember what the linq use to look like before.

    • I can only just remember as I was at the final St Patricks Day party outside the original O’ Sheas just before it’s closing. The change is absolutely immense!!!!

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