Vegas on Two Wheels: Pawn Stars Poker Run

I love the bike culture here in Las Vegas. You know, your run-of-the-mill/four-wheeled driver normally looks at a biker and thinks “rough-necked, beer guzzling, dangerous person who is always up to no good”. THAT is so wrong! Las Vegas bikers are just another branch of community that extends from the tree that is Las Vegas. And as a community, we come together to make our home a better place. We just do it in an unorthodox kinda way hahaha!

Almost every weekend there is at least one poker run happening in the city that benefits Las Vegas is some way. I had an opportunity last weekend to be a part of a very special poker run that benefited the Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada. It was the Pawn Stars Poker Run brought to you by; you guess it, THE PAWN STARS! Yours truly was lucky enough to get a snapshot with Rick Harrison!






More than 150 bikers came together and hit the streets for the second annual “Pawn Stars” Poker Run.

The event started at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, home to the famous reality show. We made several stops including the Pioneer Saloon, the Palms Resort/Casino, and Distill, a local pub/restaurant before ending at the New Pawn Plaza.


The main reason for the fundraiser run was personal for Rick, because Rick Harrison, the star of “Pawn Stars” himself, had seizures as a child. That is why the Epilepsy Foundation of Nevada is near and dear to his heart; helping the folks in our community who suffer from epilepsy and seizures get better!


The event raised more than $110,000, all of which stays in Nevada!

The experience of riding out with Choppers, Baggers, Sportsters, Road Kings, V-Stars, Victory’s–even crotch rockets– and hundreds of bikers alike riding for a good cause, filled my soul with excitement, pride, and just pure joy and happiness. With Rick leading the way, it was an experience I will never forget nor trade for anything.



The biker community works as a family; we help support each other on the road watch each other’s back. That’s why you see bikers signal to each other as they pass on the road. But we also come together to help others outside of the family and Las Vegas has a biker community that loves and is passionate about this city!

[Photos: Greg Bennett]

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Greg Bennett
Greg Bennett is the morning meteorologist on KTNV's Good Morning Las Vegas newscast. He is an avid Harley rider but also is a huge classic car fan and loves to work on both. In his free time, you can catch Greg riding his bike around town, working out at the gym, hanging out with his Pit Bull (DewPoint), or getting his hands dirty by volunteering across the city of Las Vegas.