Strip Bits: Buffalo Wild Wings Opens This Month at PH

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Our tipster paperposter sent us some shots of the new Buffalo Wild Wings in the works at the Harmon side of the Miracle Mile Shops. So far, it looks ready to fly (go, we mean go).


Taking the footprint of the former Harmon Theater, this new Buffalo Wild Wings location will be 16,928-square-feet. That’s enough room for buffalos to fly (if they could, that would freak us out actually). Opening day is Monday, October 19th, and there will be discounts and giveaways all day.

[Images: paperposter]

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  1. Let’s hope the food is better than the Pittsburgh locations…’s all frozen and pretty terrible!

  2. We have them here in NY. Not my first place to eat but for a cheap bite if im pressed for time ill eat it

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