Gennadius, a former VegasChatter joins us at VegasBright

Once again, we welcome another former VegasChatter to our site (he’s the 5th so far). His pen name is “gennadius” and he came aboard VegasChatter during its final months. He was a long time reader of Chatter before finally joining them as a contributing writer. Unfortunately, VC cashed out. Though one door has closed for gennadius, a new door opens here at VegasBright. We’re happy to be the venue of his new permanent residency. His premier article here on VB will post tomorrow. For now, we turn things over to gennadius.

Vegas Resident or Visitor:
Visitor, usually two to four times a year. Sometimes more. Currently living in Illinois.

Football, Hockey, Soccer, Coaching, Aviation, Gaming (PC and Console), Science Fiction, Good Food, Cooking

Do we know you from somewhere?
I was a contributor the last four months at VegasChatter after being a long time lurker.

What kind of topics would you write about?
I would be up for writing about anything as there isn’t much about Las Vegas that doesn’t interest me. Mostly, I will write about my experiences on trips, reporting on events that I attend, changes that I’ve seen since my last trip and passing along nuggets and tidbits that I glean from my conversations. My hope is that I can pass along information that will help people, or give insight into some items that they have not yet had a chance to experience.

Gamble much?
Guilty as charged! A lot of Blackjack and Craps, some Video Poker and Wheel of Fortune, and a decent amount of sports betting, especially during the NFL season and during March Madness. Some poker from time to time, but that’s really more a function of who I am with on my trip and whether it is a trip explicitly for that purpose. I’m a multi-year Diamond Total Rewards member, and must also acknowledge here that I have found myself playing some of the new penny slots that have come out lately. They are just so shiny!

Club much?
Yep. It’s always great to be able to hang out with friends, meet new ones, and people watch with some bottles and a good DJ or band playing. Have spent a lot of time at Hyde, Moon, and Ghostbar.

See shows much?
Have seen a few, but would like to try to see more. My favorite so far has been Ka, followed closely by Absinthe and LOVE. All were very high quality and thoroughly enjoyable.

Wine and Dine much?
I always try to plan at least one really nice meal on each trip, if not two. Beyond that, I’m always looking for good food, and will try new places when I see them. On some of my recent trips, I made it to a couple of new places. One is Ringers, the new restaurant concept portion of the PH sportsbook, and the other being FUKU Burger, over at F.A.M.E. in the LINQ Promenade.

Spa much?
I always mean too. However, this tends to be the item that gets cut from the schedule for the other items. Will have to prioritize it next time.

Favorite Hotel/Casino:
Planet Hollywood – Centrally located, young, high-energy atmosphere, great March Madness events, and location of the original Pleasure Pit concept on The Strip.

Favorite dining spot:
Buffet: Bacchanal, for the sheer variety and quality. Although the recent price increases may be pushing this out of the reasonable range.
Regular: Fix or Stack as it is always nice to get a really well-done Steak when in Vegas.

Favorite eating spot (we feel there’s a difference between eating and dining)?
There are a lot of these, I feel. However, Earl of Sandwich has to be up near the top, along with Hash House A Go Go. I also try to make it out to Pinoy Pinay whenever possible, as the food and the portions more than make up for the out of the way location.

Favorite drinking spot?
Hyde, with an upfront, water level view of the Bellagio fountains has to be the best. If we don’t include clubs, then Heart Bar at PH wins top honors. Literally in the heart of the casino, there is a lot of action to watch, good music and service, and at night, pleasure pit dancers both in the bar and out in the casino. It also serves as a very easy to find rally point for groups that include people staying at PH as well as those not staying there. Honorable mention has to go to Chandelier Bar at Cosmo for unique looks, and the Vesper Bar, also at Cosmo, because one can get vespers.

Favorite off-the-strip spot?
For food, Pinoy Pinay has been a mainstay on many of my trips. In terms of casinos, Palms primarily, especially when Moon was still open.

Favorite Downtown spot?
I’m going to go general and say Fremont Street. Access to the renovated casinos and a lot of live entertainment, it just feels revitalized, especially with the addition of the Fremont East District.

Favorite Club?
Hyde, because of the views and the service.

Favorite activities?
Nothing beats watching and betting on the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament in Las Vegas, so that has to be at the top. A very close second are NFL Sundays in a sports book. Beyond that, grabbing some good food and drinks with friends, exploring how Las Vegas is constantly changing, and of course, gambling.

Things in Vegas you WON’T do again:
I will not walk from Circus Circus to Stratosphere with my friends again. That’s a bit of a story…maybe I’ll share it on here sometime.

Things in Vegas you WOULD do again:
Take some time to walk The Strip with friends and pop in and out of casinos, gambling, drinking, and people watching.

Favorite Vegas memory:
There are many. One of the best is the year I organized about 22 people to go to March Madness in Vegas. One of our outings was to Rain for bottle service, where they also turned the dance floor into a roller skating surface. About half of us blindly signed some waiver that I’m sure said “Palms is not responsible for anything you do to yourself or others while on roller skates” and actually… skated. They even gave us kids style sippy cups to be able to drink out of while skating! Everyone that went had a great time.

Worst Vegas memory:
The couple of trips I’ve spent going with friends to visit some of Las Vegas’ health care institutions. Let’s not do that again.

That thing you mean to do in Vegas but never get around to?
For as many times as I’ve been to Vegas, this list is always long. Go to one of the firing ranges, do the zip lining, make use of the spa, see Hoover Dam, and of course, the Helicopter tour of The Strip at night.

That thing you have to do every time (your Vegas traditions)?
I always take an arrival picture and a departure picture of some kind, with the departure picture usually relating to some aspect of the trip.

Be sure to catch gennadius first article here at Vegas Bright tomorrow, featuring the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon.

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  1. benjamin brown | October 6, 2015 at 8:43 am |

    Good to see another Vegaschatter contributor. On a side note, as of today the vegaschatter website is no more.

    • We noticed that it’s been down since late Friday night, we’re hoping it’s a glitch. Glitches don’t usually last this long though. We’re assuming they’re working on a redirect to CNTraveler

      • I noticed it late Friday as well, and I agree that a malfunction doesn’t usually last this long. The only possibility would be that CN doesn’t know or have access to where VC is being hosted and something has broken there without anyone at CN knowing.

        In the interim, you can still dig through the archive if you are willing to put up with some of it loading slowly. :-)

  2. Jackie Franklin | October 6, 2015 at 12:20 pm |

    YEAHHH. Happy to see more writers are joining. You guys are doing a great deet since BC closed!!

    Thank you

  3. Jackie Franklin | October 6, 2015 at 12:43 pm |

    I can appreciate this as he is not a local but a visitor. I only come once a year but would love to maybe write an article one day. I too would like to try the strip walk once. Hubs and I always day yeah this trip we will do more laid back things and then VOILA i have a full agenda of things to do and activities booked through groupon. Bacchanel I thought was gonna give me more but I was not impressed.

    • Hi Jackie!

      It is a very difficult thing to do, sometimes, just to find some time to simply wander and take in the strip. So much of what we do is usually scheduled, that I find now that I simply try to leave half a day somewhere as open, and if it happens to stay open, then I can do something more laid back like that.

      Regarding Bacchanal, I have had good experiences there, but as I mentioned in my answers, the rapid and multiple increases in price may have made this no longer a great value or pushed it out of the reasonable range. I still find the food to be of great quality and good variety, but it is definitely not the great value for the price that it once was.

  4. Welcome Gennadius!!!

  5. Welcome! Looking forward to reading your stuff!

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