The Cowboy Rib-Eye at Gallagher’s Steakhouse

Last week, I had the privilege of dining at one of my favorite spots. It has been a tradition of mine since 2009 to stop by Gallagher’s Steakhouse at the NYNY to enjoy the Cowboy Rib-Eye. It didn’t disappoint; it never does. Plus, this time was more special than other times; my wife and I were on our honeymoon. So not only was I able to enjoy it again, but we were both able to share this “dishperience” (a word I made up meaning: that thing, when your meal is so good it’s an experience) together.  Long ago, when my wife and I were dating, I told her about this amazing steak at Gallagher’s. Whenever I was preparing for a Vegas trip, I mentioned how I was looking forward to having it again. When I came back, I talked about how delicious it was. Now, she would finally taste what I’ve been talking about all these years.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse started in NY (just like me) in 1927 (not like me). First opening as a speakeasy during prohibition by Helen Gallagher and Jack Solomon, Gallagher’s transformed into Broadway’s first Steakhouse when prohibition ended. The very fist New York Strip Steak was served there. And now, on to another strip–the Vegas strip. The New York-New York is probably the most fitting place in all of Las Vegas for this Gallagher’s location, as it pays homage to Gallagher’s New York roots.

You won’t find any celebrity chefs, over-hyped personalities or big egos here. Gallagher’s is a classic steakhouse right to its core.

First to the exterior, where its famous meat lockers put the steak through its dry-aging process.




Now to the interior, dimly lit for ambiance with walls covered with photos of sports stars, the celebrities of stage and screen, and business leaders.



A look at the menu reveals a bit of Gallagher’s history as well as a presentation of its noteworthy steaks.




Our waiter’s name is John. After we place our order, (two Cowboy Rib-Eyes medium) he asks if we’ve been there before. I explain that I have, but my wife hasn’t and we are on our overdue honeymoon. We order our drinks, and as they arrive, so does the bread.


At this point I am eager with excitement because I know what’s coming next, a taste I haven’t experienced in over a year. I was giddy on the inside, very giddy. After a brief wait, it arrived.


Look at it…


Just…look at it


Isn’t it beautiful?

On a previous blog some years ago, I described it as being the “meaning of life, on a plate.” It still holds up. My wife, on her first bite, had a look of utter bliss and contentment at the same time. It was mouth-stopping (that thing, when something is so good you can’t speak). She and I both spent most of our time chewing, smiling and nodding at each other. We didn’t talk much; we didn’t need to. The dishperience™ spoke for us both.

When we were done with our steaks, we asked for the check. This was when John asked if we wanted to see their dessert menu (it lights up, literally). We couldn’t even think of dessert. The check arrived, and so did a little treat. John said, “There’s always room for ice cream” as he congratulated us on both our wedding and honeymoon.


John knows how to earn extra on his tip.

I, as always, recommend this steak to friends, family and readers as well. If you want a nice steak, with excellent flavor in a pleasant atmosphere, Gallagher’s will “meat” your expectations.

[Image Credits: Michael Movestro and his lovely wife Angie]

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  1. What an amazing description, both verbally and pictorially of an amazing meal!
    Glad you finally got to enjoy the meal with your wife. Since she seemed to enjoy it as much as you did…I assume you are still together. ;-)

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