Greg C’s Vegas Views, Volume 2: Another 25 of His Favorite Photos (Nos. 26 to 50)

We asked Greg C to send us some more of his favorite photos. Because, when we work with a photographer as talented as Greg C, we kinda want to show off his work. We recommend that you use a laptop or computer with a nice-sized screen for this. Although, no screen size could ever contain the Gregtasticness™ of these images.  And, now we turn you over to Greg C. Enjoy!

Here we go again…

Another round of Vegas Views…a lot of random ‘here and there’ shots–mostly taken in the evening around twilight time when Las Vegas transforms into its unique realm of lights and neon. It used to do so much more in the past before the corporate giants scrapped the enticing glow of neon signs for the harsh glare of modern LED screens.
Many pics show things that have disappeared in recent years (such as Tropicana’s signage and Sahara’s dome). Two pics are a collage showing the change from old 20th century Vegas into 21st century Vegas–new towers going up while old towers with familiar names come down. This city never stops changing…should be interesting to see what it looks like after another 20 years. – Greg C.

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