Vegas Gets Its Palms on World’s Largest Hooters

Construction on what is being dubbed as “The Worlds Largest Hooters” restaurant at the Palms is just about to wrap for the September 14th undressing unveiling of the restaurant chain’s newest flagship. The first phase of the restaurant already opened in June, in its first complete stage by Palms Pool & Dayclub. The final phase, officially making it the biggest Hooters you’ve ever seen, will be fully exposed revealed at the grand opening. Our informant @paperposter captured this picture of its construction progress:


Upon its completion, the two-story location with 15,200 square feet will accommodate 500 people. By comparison, the former largest establishment in Texas has 10,000 square feet.

Don’t get me wrong, the way I see it, the size of Hooters isn’t all that important. Though, it is important to Palms.

Here’s some bragging on the Palms website:


Here’s what Palms President and CEO Todd Greenberg had to say:

Hooters’ casual and fun menu combined with its playful and high-energy vibe will be the perfect place to catch a game or enjoy the action at Palms Pool.

The U.S wouldn’t be the first country to claim  ‘world’s largest’ as far as Hooters goes. There are two other pairs, each of them abroad:  Thailand, Tokyo, Singapore and São Paulo. However, now we can say that as of September 14th, The United Sates is back on top with the World’s Largest Hooters. It is something to be proud of, considering that America has more Hooters than any other country.


See? What did you think I meant?

One shouldn’t be surprised that Las Vegas wants to boast the “World’s Largest Hooters.” After all, this is the same city that hosts “The World’s Largest Gentleman’s Club.” So if you’re in Vegas on or after September 14th, feel free to bounce in to the Hooters to let them know you’ve got their back, and give them some support.


It’s Friday, have a great weekend, and don’t take life too seriously =)

[photos: paperposter |images: Michael Movestro, Palms, BlabberBubble]


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  1. Hooters @ Palms was pretty good. We had the wings at the pool. Wish it wasn’t the only option though.

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