Editorial: One Month of Vegas Bright

One month ago today, Vegas Bright first twinkled on the internet to pick up where Vegas Chatter cashed out. On the early morning of August 2nd, Vegas Bright was born. Your Editor in Chief, weary from a long night of behind-the-scenes website work, didn’t know what the future of Vegas Bright would hold. What he did know was that we were Getting Our Sh*t Together. Happy to say one month later that Vegas Bright has seen an incredible first month.

Our first month saw an overwhelming amount of support by former Vegas Chatter writers, contributors and readers as well. This month not only saw the start of our site but also the launch of our Twitter and Facebook page. Again, our website is only a month old, and with 28 articles under our belt, it is quite an achievement. We are grateful for Sammasseur, paperposter, and Greg C for stepping up, becoming a part of our little family, and doing all that they do!

While we’re at it, we’d also like to give a big thanks to Blonde4ever from LasVegas4Ever for helping to get the word out to the rest of the interwebs. Also to Sonya at VegasMessageBoard for being patient about my and paperposter’s linked signatures. This month also saw the replacement of our temporary logos with vibrant, professional-yet-fun (just as I asked) branding. Our thanks to Craft and Brand Graphic Design, who managed to make “Sahara-esque” letters with a fun new take on the googie design from the Las Vegas sign. It gives us a look and feel that we are proud to call our own.

Behind the scenes, we also saw new writers who’d volunteer to flex their writing muscle here at Vegas Bright. This month we look forward to bringing you the debut articles of our new authors: Greg Bennett, Bob Z, Alex Cocilova, Cathy Vo, Kevin Ray and former Vegas Chatter: George Addams. We’d like to thank those who’ve emailed saying thanks for this site. You’re welcome, and we’re grateful for it too because we’re Vegas fans like you. We’re happy to help fill the void, to be another Vegas bookmark, to be your morning coffee read or your lunch-break Vegas binge. We’re glad to be part of the community of Vegas fans.

We’re just getting started here at Vegas Bright; the best is yet to come. Thank you for coming along.

Your Editor in Chief,

Michael Movestro


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  1. LOVE the new logo!!!!

  2. Love the new site. Gives me my VC fix. Keep up the good work, everyone!

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