Harmon Tower Is Kaput? Not So Fast!

According to an August 6th report on the future of the Harmon Hotel site, the Las Vegas Review-Journal claimed that the much-maligned structure had “been torn down”.  This came as a bit of a surprise to our resident photographer, Greg Clarke, who’d been chronicling the dismantling for us over at VegasChatter.

Naturally, our aficionado of Vegas construction and demolition had to grab his camera and check out the “2.5-acre hole-in-the-ground”, as the RJ piece described it.  Unfortunately, Greg’s view of the pit was obstructed by a construction crane…and four remaining stories of Harmon Hotel. D’oh!

While we admit to some good-natured ribbing of those big boys for being a tad inaccurate (hey, it happens…after all, this writer swore that the Vegas version of Rock Of Ages would quickly disappear after premiering on the tails of the Tom Cruise flop), the RJ report did get our Greg C. down to the demolition site for an updated photo.  And it also seemed to confirm a rumor we’ve been hearing for a short while…that Crystals Mausoleum…er,  The Shops at Crystals….would most likely be expanded to occupy that high-profile corner.

Harmon 2-19

February 19, 2015

While most of our commenters at VegasChatter endlessly (and deservedly) joked that some form of CVS or Walgreens would be the next occupant of the Harmon/Las Vegas Blvd. intersection, dollars have overruled sense when it’s come to decisions for City Center.  After the millions lost on the Harmon alone, turning that space over to a low-end retailer seems improbable. So, expect more of those pricey boutiques with one bored-looking clerk and six pairs of shoes for sale. We kid, of course (but not really).

Perhaps now is the time for that high-end movie theater concept to finally rear its head.  I was the one who broke the story back in January of 2014 that Cinetopia would be moving into the cavernous and seemingly-vacant Crystals, hopefully giving it much-needed life. A chance encounter with Cinetopia reps at a comic-con in Portland confirmed that the Oregon-based chain had plans to extend their reach into Nevada…via Crystals.


When we checked back a year later, our official reply from Crystals’ GM Farid Matraki was decidedly different:

“As we look to the future, we continue to explore all entertainment options for available spaces at The Shops at Crystals. A movie theater is still one of those options.”

As for the RJ report, it goes on to downplay previous suggestions that Crystals would be sold off to investors for much-needed cash.  Instead (and we paraphrase), MGM Resorts appears to have finally recognized that Crystals is the primary method for pedestrians to reach the somewhat inaccessible Aria resort (some of us still roll our eyes at the design of this unnecessarily complex…complex). Ahem.

Harmon 8-9-2015

August 9, 2015

A close look at Greg’s photo (above) from this Sunday clearly shows the corridors that were intended to move people between Crystals and Harmon Hotel. We still see the viability of a multiplex cinema concept taking over this space.  With the current trend to fill every available foot of Strip frontage with retail opportunities, an upscale movie theater experience on Las Vegas Boulevard can’t be far off.  And as we’ve told you time and time again. Vegas residents and visitors alike just LOVE going to the flicks.

Photos: Greg C. for VegasBright, Sammasseur

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  1. PKLuvsVegas | August 10, 2015 at 10:00 am |

    Aria is really nice, but Crystals…. I love high end places, and high end clothes shopping, but Crystals is just boring. The place has no life, the stores aren’t welcoming, except Miu Miu which had a nice saleswoman who showed my fiancee a purse she liked, that we didn’t buy because it was $1800. Forum Shops works because it has a mix of high end and mid/low end. It also looks cool and has places to grab a snack. Wynn’s Esplenade works simply because it is inviting and isn’t a long boring walk to get into the casino. The MGM corporate bean counters got this one wrong.

  2. PKLuvsVegas | August 10, 2015 at 10:01 am |

    BTW @sammasseur it is nice to see you and a part of the team back together. I miss opening up VC everyday so much.

  3. Thanks, PK. Nice to see you here as well. Invite your friends and watch us grow. VC lives on right here.

  4. I was deeply mourning the end of Vegas Chatter. So glad that the talent has moved on and I know where they moved to!

  5. Glad to know I am not the only one that gets confused walking in the City Center area

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